Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy here on another sunny Sunday. We’ve had warm weather again the past few days so the Boss is not amused. He’s the only one in the household not enjoying the summer- like weather. It won’t last for long so he’ll get over his moping.

As you are reading this, I hope you remembered to move your clock back last night. That is – if you live in a place where that is still done. It means you got an extra hour of sleep last night. Unless you are owned by a dog. Or three. We schedule our days around the sun and our “internal circadian rhythms”- not the time on the clock. With PONs – our rhythms are largely directed by our stomachs. When we are ready to eat – you had better not break the rhythm- or we will break your eardrums. I’m not so sure about waiting an extra hour for breakfast…..

The Warden said that to mark our extra hour – she has a surprise for us. I know it’s not a puppy. Or a kitten. I didn’t see any bags from the pet store – so I doubt it’s some new toy I can destroy in 5 minutes. So we’ll see. I’ll let you know the next time I write.

My ricochet victims are still with us. We ALL went for a walk yesterday morning – Elroy included. It was great. I got to hunt for golf balls (which I haven’t done in ages) and we all got some great exercise. But not to worry- it didn’t completely tire me out. Nothing does…Sue took this photo of us on the way home yesterday. Note I’m wearing my ball fetching track suit. I think the other guys were jealous.

OK. It’s still dark, but I’m ready to roll. Time to get the daily party started!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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