Dog food bag rescue

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy-ricochet-running -Wormy here on another fantastic Friday. Our visitors are still here with no visible injuries so far. So far.

The humans have been out shopping for more household projects. Can’t wait to help out. Or at least act as supervisior

Yesterday, after one of their shopping trips while they were unloading stuff from the trunk, the Boss somehow snuck into the garage. Everyone was in the house and when a headcount revealed only 2 out of 3 canines, the Warden marched into the garage. There was the Boss, walking around with an empty 25lb bag from dog food on his head.

“Hey what are you doing?” she said. He didn’t even attempt to remove the bag, but was desperately trying to reach a few kibbles still in the bottom of the bag. The bag had been placed next to a garbage bag, and was supposed to go outside to the garbage can, but old Mr Sniffer found it first. It was removed from his head – like one of those wildlife films where a raccoon has its head stuck in a tin can and rescuers get it off. Except in this case, the Boss wasn’t trapped and he WANTED that bag on his head. Anyway, as I said it was removed.

The Coyote is all good again. Thank goodness. Probably the most expensive pedicure in town – but at least he’s on the mend.

We’ve been having some super weather lately, with crisp mornings and cool nights and light sweater temperatures during the day. The Boss is so happy. He despises heat. He would sleep in the refrigerator if the Warden would let him. But of course he can’t. Not for lack of trying when the door is open. Mind you, he’s also checking the food. That is probably his biggest wish – a left open fridge door where he can help himself to snacks, and then go inside to nap. I bet he dreams of that.

OK. Almost walk time. Gotta get those humans moving.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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