Halloween recap

Hey hey hey blogaroos. It’s me Squirmy! Enjoying the fact that I have two more ricochet targets right now! Sue and Keith are perfect victims…er…I mean guests.

First off- I need to tell you that the Coyote is doing well. He’s still on limited exercise and he has the last of his pain medication today. He’s eating well, drinking well and pooping/peeing well – the dog owner’s trifecta. He’s not AT ALL drowsy like he was when he came home. The Warden said that whatever they gave him, she wishes she had some so she could give it to me. She thinks she’s funny. She’s not.

As for Halloween- although we had treats for 80+ kids, we got 3. And they were THE cutest, nicest kids on the planet. They were our neighbors across the road. They weren’t scared away by our Cujo-like barking. Mind you, they probably hear it all the time -even though our house is a good distance away. They were cute, polite and funny. The perfect Halloweeners.

After they came, it was evident that the rush was over, so we ALL retired to the rec room to watch scary movies. Or at least PART of the first movie. To my canine friends, here’s a little suggestion- if the humans are enthralled in a spooky movie, jumping on them repeatedly or marching back and forth in front of the TV screen is not advisable. Neither is plopping yourself in front of the TV and licking. Licking your feet, the floor or your private parts. Because do you know what happens? You are marched out of the rec room and sequestered by a gate.

I heard that the movies were not exactly Oscar material- it serves them right for sequestering us.

We’ve been having some nice walks in the morning with Sue, Keith and the Warden. The Coyote hasn’t been able to join us – but hopefully tomorrow. Hey and guess what? Nobody ever peed on the pumpkins this year! Bring on the Christmas tree!

Time to get the troops moving. Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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