Happy Halloween!

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on the day we get to bark even MORE incessantly than normal- in anticipation of costumed kids who brave their way down our long driveway. We’ll probably start barking at noon, even though no kids will arrive until supper time. And we’re ready for the multitudes – last year we had three kids. But not to worry, the Warden got enough treats for 80. Just in case.

Our Halloween photos this year are rather boring. The Warden bought scarves and headgear – but you can’t even SEE the devil horns because they are just outlines of horns. But even though they weren’t TOO heavy, we still KNEW they were there. Look at the above photo without headgear. Everyone looks pretty happy – even the Coyote!

Now, add headgear…

Note my expression and the Coyote’s. Meanwhile, the poser is happy as always.

I’m a bit more happy in this one, but the Coyote looks like he still wants to melt into the ground. His legs become like Gumby in these photo shoots. And still we have the Boss…

In better news – guess who is visiting?! Sue and Keith!! They were delayed in getting to our place the other night and it was quite late when they arrived – so the Boss looked at them, said hi, and wanted to go to bed. It was past his bedtime.

Meanwhile, the same day they arrived, the Coyote came in from outside and was limping badly. He wouldn’t put any weight on his front paw. The Warden whisked him onto the grooming table to take a look. And yowza- she discovered he had cracked a toe nail – lengthwise. He literally screamed when she touched it.

Well. Try to find a vet who can see you on a weekend. She tried three different emergency places, and no one could see him. They suggested she call back the next day. So she did – first thing yesterday morning. And thankfully, one clinic was able to see him.

He’s not exactly a huge fan of anyone touching his feet, so they needed to knock him out to take care of the nail. The whole process didn’t take long – but holy moly he was sure drowsy even when he got home. We gave him the mandatory olfactory exam, and let him rest. No running around for him for the next few days.

Well – time for walks and then we need to get ready for the kids. Any child who braves our banshee like wailing deserves more than one minuscule candy bar. And no problem. We have plenty…Happy Halloween!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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