Fala la la la

January 30. And today is the birthday of the 32nd President of the US – Franklin D. Roosevelt.  I’m not a political dog (!) so I won’t go into FDR’s policies or any of that – but I WILL tell you that he owned a dog – Fala, who was a VERY famous presidential dog and is THE only dog to be represented in a presidential memorial!  

Yup – Fala, was a Scottish Terrier -and close sidekick to the president.   Fala was a WELL behaved dog – who traveled to many places with the President and had a huge following in the press.  Mind you – there was one scandal involving Fala, when it was reported that FDR mistakenly left Fala behind on a trip to the Aleutian Islands – and he spent millions in sending the Navy back to get Fala.  FDR even addressed this “fake news”  in an address to the public:


Here’s a great summary story all about Fala and FDR:


So as I said, I won’t comment on FDR or his policies – but clearly he must have been a half decent guy to have such a loving companion who missed him so much when he was gone….  Happy birthday Mr. President.  He would have been 137. 

Hey – I FORGOT to tell you about something great when they had my human’s retirement party from work last week.    They had a lovely dinner for her and gave her several gifts – two very nice books AND a substantial gift certificate.  And WHERE was the gift certificate to you might ask.  And if you didn’t, I’ll still tell you.  No – not a jewelry store.  Not a book store or a clothing store.  Thankfully NOT the Dollar Store.  Nope – not a restaurant.  Do you know WHERE the gift is for?  The PET store.  Seriously – is that not THE best gift ever?    I guess her colleagues at work heard that she has dogs.  The multiple photos and the breed calandars in her office were no doubt a BIT of a giveaway.  And the fact that she talks about us once in awhile.  Cough.  Cough.  Anyway – that gift is VERY much appreciated and will be put to GOOD use!!!!!!

One more day of work for her tomorrow…..counting hours now….

Have a good one.  Peace and pawsup.
Seizure free days: 6

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