I mentioned collars yesterday. Including the one for 1.8 million.  They were low on stock – so they would not have been able to ship all three.  My human said we’ll wait to order until they have all of them.

We have some LOVELY collars that she bought for us – was it last year?  They are made of leather – but the best part is the fact that they have our names on them – on a custom plate.  With our phone number.   JUST in case one of us goes AWOL and needs to be returned.  I have a lovely red one, the FG has purple and Einstein has a light mint green.  As if we really care about color.

Anyway, when my human was grooming Einstein on the weekend – or should I say wrestling with Einstein with a brush in her hand,  she took off his collar.  And she suddenly remembered that the phone number is no longer correct.  When we changed our internet provider, we changed our landline as well (we are probably the last people on the planet with a landline, but my human is slow with this technology stuff).  And with the change, we had to change our phone number.  So as a result – our lovely collars with the identification plates, have the wrong phone number.  So.  Do we try to pry off the old name plates?  Do we add a tag with the correct info?  OR do we get NEW collars?

When we examined the name plates on the collars, there is no way they will come off easily.  Well…one of US could get them off – but the leather collar would not really look the same.  As for ordering dangling tags – well you know our penchant for romping through the woods.  The tag would likely get lost.  Just like my epilepsy tag did.  We have no idea where THAT went – but it’s gone.  So dangling tags in this house don’t work well.  So.  It looks like new collars.

Now trust me – it’s not like we don’t HAVE any collars in this house.  We could probably start a business selling collars.  There are some pretty fancy Swiss Bernese collars in that garage – but for some reason, she can’t part with them.  I could wear them as a belt.  We also have some LOVELY collars in this house with the quick release clasps.   But just like her old-fashioned preference for things like landlines, my human DOES like an old fashioned buckle collar.  To be honest, nice collars on us fuzzy dogs is REALLY a waste of money.  You can’t even SEE them.  But – they are a necessity – and one does like to be fashionable….Or at least SHE likes us to be fashionable. 

We also have that cool tick collar that a friend sent me.  I haven’t been wearing it just since we had the snowy weather.  But I’ll be wearing it again in the spring.  It seemed to work so we’ll give it the full test then. 

So you know what this all means.  My human will order NEW collars JUST like the old collars.  She may change the colors – just to be different. And I repeat – as IF we care.

My human is the supreme bargain hunter.  She got the old collars on a website called Etsy.  She will order them again -and IF they turn out as they did the first time, we will share the company’s name.  The leather is soft and nice and the collars have held up great.  I did point out to her that given the good price, we don’t know EXACTLY where that leather comes from….She told me to be quiet. I see that that DO sell on Amazon too.

Well.  Time to start guard duty.  Only a few more days!!!!!  Rumor has it, they are having  a retirement party for my human today. Let’s hope she brings home any leftovers…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 6

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