Well they had the long awaited retirement party for my human yesterday. It apparently was a lovely affair- dinner and everything.  Not that WE were invited.  So we decided to have our own party.  At home.

The human party was scheduled after work. Unfortunately, the day began on a bad note- I had a seizure. Yup. Back to zero.  Maybe it was the moon.
Anyway, my human was super worried about me. She worked from home for the morning, and then asked Pig Pen’s human if he could come and let us out for a pee at suppertime. And he would also need to give me my pill at 7.  He’s a great guy- he frequently comes to our rescue.  He said no problem. 
Anyway he came in and let us out through the garage and into the run on the side of the garage.  Which was PERFECT.  We all had our pees and came back in.  He gave us our treats and we were all set.  The only thing he didn’t know was that Einstein, when he came in through the garage, somehow managed to grab the stuffed hedgehog.  The neighbor saw him carrying it – but didn’t know that we are stuffed toy surgeons.  How could he?  Most dogs are good with stuffed things.  But not this crew.
So as you can see in the photo, the hedgehog is dead. We had our own party.  Stuffing, the remains of the plastic squeaker and the outer shell of the hedgehog lay strewn around the dining room. We had a blast.
So my human has one more official week of work after this week.  She will still be dabbling in her work from time to time, but her regular routine will be OVER.  We are looking forward to it.  
Now I just need to make enough money with my blog to buy another hedgehog…. Never a dull moment.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 0

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