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Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here on a shivery, sunny Sunday. So we didn’t have much winter, and NOW it has decided to arrive. Friday we had a snowstorm. Schools were closed – and that included dog school. My class was canceled so the Boss and Coyote didn’t get their Friday afternoon respite. I was with them the whole day. They weren’t impressed.

PLUS – before the snow arrived we had a mini tragedy. You know my cowbell that I wear when I run free? I wear it so the Warden can hear where I am in the woods. Well – I lost it. Not just the bell. I lost my whole collar. This happened once before when Keith and Sue were visiting. The Warden knew approximately where I lost it that time – so they set out to search. They were ready to give up when the Warden spotted it. There was rejoicing throughout the land. Unfortunately, this time she had NO idea where I had gone ahead of her on the trail- so it was impossible to find it. If it had been a golf ball, I could have found it. But when the Warden said “where’s your bell and collar” I just looked at her like she wasn’t speaking English. She attempted to search on her own – but no luck. And now that we have a blanket of snow, there’s no point in even looking. She did manage to find another bell – but it’s not as loud. We may have to get a new one. Oh – and one helpful bell tip – don’t buy the ones on a Velcro that you wrap around your collar. Those fall off really easily. In my case – I have a different type bell, so I lose the bell AND the collar. We use those quick clip/release collars in the woods – so I don’t strangle myself on branches. They work well. But when they release, then you don’t have your collar. Or your bell. It’s a dilemma.

The Boss said we need a new ding dong for the ding dong. He thinks he’s funny.

In other news, the Warden has a little project on the go. It all started when she was talking to two friends, Iza (in Poland) and Sara (in the USA) – about social media – and the many Facebook friends they have never met. For example , the Warden hasn’t met Sara in person, yet they are social media buds. The Warden met Iza via social media – and then got to meet her in person with her two PONs – Sherlock and Watson when the Warden visited Poland. It was awesome. The Warden has been lucky to meet a number of PON and Picard people via social media. But there are LOTS more she has never met.

Anyway, the Warden, Iza and Sara had this idea about bringing people together through social media. They came up with a plan and here it is:

So. If you own a PON, have owned a PON or just want to meet some crazy PON people to find out more about PONs – sign up! It’s free. It will be fun and casual – and I may even make a cameo appearance. The Boss says HE will be there. But I may be banned. We’ll see. The cool thing about technology like ZOOM, is that it almost feels like you’re in the same room. So you CAN meet your social media buds around the world! Please think about joining us! Oh and if you’re wondering about the time – it will be 6PM in Poland and Central Europe, 5 PM in the UK, 2 PM for us here in Atlantic Canada, and 1 PM in the Eastern US. There was a bit of a challenge with the times, because there is usually 5 hours difference between us and Poland. BUT the clocks will soon be changing – and we change before Poland so for this meeting, there’s just 4 hours difference. The whole time thing is crazy. But I DO look forward to longer days soon! It will be awesome to get up in daylight at 6AM. More hours to carpe diem!

Lastly – did you hear the puppy story from Ontario, Canada? An Old English Sheepdog had a litter of 17 – yes -17 puppies. Check it out:

It’s always nice to see a healthy litter of puppies. SO sweet and tiny. But the Warden says she wants the news to go back and visit there 6 weeks from now. Can. You. Imagine. Mealtime will be crazy. Not to mention the fact that they’ll be doing poop pick up full time. I think most breeders are sad/happy to see puppies when they go to new homes. With this shaggy crowd, I’m betting it will be more happiness than sadness.

Well it’s almost time to get the troops moving.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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