Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here on another wonderful Wednesday. Today HAS to be a better day than yesterday. It POURED RAIN ALL DAY. We’re talking it was SO windy and wet, none of us wanted to go out. Even the Coyote. You know it’s bad out when we actually settle down and lounge around like sloths who ate a big turkey dinner. I guess that’s a weird image – but you get the idea.

When we lounge, we all have our own “style” of napping. The Coyote heads for the raised dog bed, which is where you can find him 90% of the time. Lately you MIGHT find the Boss on it, but he is usually jammed in some contorted space under furniture. He’s a dog who doesn’t like crates IF the door is closed. BUT, he will go in on his own and he kind of smushes himself up against the back of it. I have no idea how the guy can be comfortable. He’s a real contortionist. He’s a chiropractor’s dream.

I have a new thing with lounging. I like to go UNDER the dining room carpet. I flip back the corner and kinda wedge my head under it. Same thing with the new dog bed that was in my crate. Note I said WAS. The Warden kept finding me under it in the morning. Or it was all balled up on one side of the crate and I had myself smushed on the other side. So it’s now in the dining room. I don’t know why she was surprised- even when I was little, I thought it was more fun sleeping UNDER my bed.

Now if you think we are strange in our napping positions, I found 50 pictures that will make us look pretty boring. Check them out:


Surely somebody in that group must be named Gumby. I don’t know what a Gumby is, but the Warden said to put that in.

That’s all the exciting news from our house. Now that the luge run is finally clear after all that rain, paws crossed we’ll be able to go for a good walk today! Through the slushy snow. After all my lounging yesterday – I can’t WAIT! My over over-charged battery is raring to GO!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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