Energy to burn

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy never-slow-down Wormy here today on another merry Monday.

We survived all the bad weekend weather, and we are all able to go to the lake once again. The path is kinda packed down snow and not super icy, because a dusting of snow fell after the freezing rain. So it’s walkable. While the Warden tends to sink a bit in spots, we canines are doing just great! I LOVE hard snow. All the better for racing and rolling.

Although we are now able to go on our trails to the lake, we have been walking a bit less distance overall the past week or two because of the conditions. So, as a result, I have energy just bubbling over. Sure, we do our daily training and we are allowed to play in the backyard again, now that it’s not a sheet of ice, but my battery is still way overcharged. Bully sticks provide a bit of stationary exercise, and following the Warden every time she moves exerts a bit more energy, but she’s been looking for other things to occupy my time. Besides licking the Boss’s head and ears. So – the snuffle mats have reappeared. And now the Boss and I get our meals via the snuffle mats. Before, the Warden would give us our food and before she even started to get her coffee ready, we were finished eating. Now, she can actually get a few minutes to prepare her breakfast. Meanwhile, the Coyote leisurely eats his meals sequestered in the hallway. From a bowl.

Initially, She was just feeding us breakfast via snuffle and supper from our bowls, but now we even get that meal delivered via snuffle. The Warden will take every minute of respite that she can get.

The life of a PON pretty much revolves around mealtime and treats. In our household, the Boss gets medicine in the morning and at supper time. And there has to be an hour between when he gets his medicine and when he can eat. He knows EXACTLY when 60 minutes are up – and he doesn’t even wear a watch! He gets all antsy when the time is up, and he squeaks and stares at the Warden. And since he starts squeaking, that’s my cue to start wrestling with him. That’s MY way of reminding the Warden that we NEED to eat.

Yup, we dogs rule the day. In EVERY household, including the REAL Queen’s. Yup even the Queen of England has dogs that do what they want. Notice in the clip, she says “I know what you want.” Ten bucks,or should I say ten pounds, says it’s either a treat – or mealtime.

Lately, the Boss also gets antsy when he feels it’s time for bed. Because we get a biscuit right before bedtime. Sometimes he starts squeaking as early as 9PM, because he’s done with guard duty for the day, and he just wants his biscuit and to go to bed. And trust me – he can be persistent. The other night, the Warden couldn’t take it any more, so at like 9:15, she announced “OK – we’ll go to bed. But I’m still going to do some reading in bed!” Blah blah – he didn’t care. He got his biscuit just when he wanted it. The advantages of being a bossy senior.

OK. Almost time to get this party started.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!

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