Farts and jello

Yo. Blog people. Elroy here for your reading today. We’re about to go out and see the results of freezing temperatures overnight. Yesterday we had rain and freezing rain all day. None of us were overly thrilled about going out. Especially the Boss. But we did manage to do our morning walks before the freezing set in. So it was plain rain.

The Boss was miserable with the rain and puddles, and to top it off, he had a goopy ear. I think that’s the medical term for it. The cause of goopy ear? The Imp. He licks the Boss’s head and ears – despite Her Highness’s commands to stop. So all that licking resulted in one messy, goopy ear. Luckily, Her Highness knows what to do – AND she had some ear drops to help it clear up. Yeah, the Boss woke up scratching his ear, panting, shaking his head – he’s a real drama king. After his quasi-veterinary treatment in the garage, and after much moaning and groaning – he was much better. Until he realized it was raining out.

So according to the crazy calendar, today is National Fart Day. Seriously. No Picard Day, or PON Day, but a day to celebrate farts. Not much to celebrate if ya ask me. This topic is one we’ve covered before- and one that Her Highness’s mother always despised. She’s no doubt looking down and rolling her eyes that we’re at it again.

If ya want to read about dog farts, here’s a good article:


There are loads of dog fart videos, but I suspect that many are fake. I mean how did the person taking the video KNOW that the dog would fart? Unless the dog has a REALLY big problem. Anyway, here’s a fake fart video – where we KNOW it’s fake:


I personally think it would have been funnier to see human reactions….

In other equally gripping news, according to our research, on this day in 1981, somebody in Australia made the world’s biggest batch of Jello using 9,246 gallons of watermelon flavoring. Humans can do strange things. But we know that. Anyway, we canines can’t eat real Jello because it has too much sugar and other stuff in it. BUT – we CAN eat unsweetened gelatin, and because I knew you would want this (yawn) we found a salmon-blueberry dog jello recipe. Check it out:


Not sure I would eat it. Depends on the day. No doubt the mops would inhale it. Personally, I think there’s no point in slaving over a stove to make them fancy treats – they don’t even stop to taste the stuff. Just throw the salmon and blueberries in their bowls and skip the jello part. Follow me for more recipes.

OK. Gotta go on patrol and to check out the weather conditions. Been some pheasants hanging out on our acreage, so time to go and bark at them. Sometimes I bark even if they’re not there. Just to warn them not to come. Pretty clever, eh?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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