A Golden Day

Howdy blogaroos. Well it’s the third of February. Which means 2-2-22 is over and so is the day when we celebrate those squirrels on steroids – the Groundhog. And it seems the famous weather prognosticators had some different forecasts depending where you live. Like Puxatawney Phil, in Pennsylvania said that area would be getting 6 more weeks of winter. Meanwhile, Wiarton Willie, in Ontario said those folks would be getting an early spring. Lucky them. Our very own Schubenacadie Sam agreed with Phil – and gave us the gloomy news of more winter ahead. Yuck.

Yesterday the Warden thought that since the day had warmer temperatures, that maybe we could try that walk to the lake. I raced and hopped like a maniac. The Coyote was on leash so he couldn’t go far or fast. The Boss walked behind the Warden in her moon boot footprints. The Warden regretted the journey when we got to the lake – because it’s all up hill to get back to the house. I thought I might have to get a sled to pull her back. Not to mention the fact that as we were leaving our fenced area next to the house, she hit this metal thing that keeps the gate closed, full force with her knee. I actually thought the walk might have been over. But she continued, because she didn’t know what was worse to endure – a sore knee, or an extra-bored me – because I really NEEDED a run. She chose the knee.

In other news, according to the crazy calendar, today is International Golden Retriever Day. Really. It started in 2011 by some woman who had a Golden and who said “if there can be an Eat Cherry Pie Day, why can’t there be a Golden Retriever day?” She picked February 3, because it happened to be her Golden Retriever’s birthday.

Goldens have been in the top ten popularity lists in the US and Canada for years and years. The Warden’s parents had one when she was an adult and no longer living at home. Actually, the Warden and her sister, Sue did the one thing that you should never do- they bought their father a puppy for Christmas. Yup. They found an ad in the paper, picked up the puppy and surprised him. He was initially not impressed. He had been so sad when they lost their Irish Setter after 15 years, that he said “no more dogs.” But in typical fashion, his loving daughters didn’t listen to him. Yes- he was upset. For about 10 minutes. He named him Midas – and they were best buddies for another 15 years.

Their Mom wasn’t initially excited about the idea of another dog either, but she WAS in on the Christmas surprise. And truth be told, she kinda liked him too…

So in honor of International Golden Retriever Day, I found a super duper video I think you’ll like. Even if you’re not a Golden person (do such people exist?) I think you’ll find this funny:


I don’t think there is an International PON day. I think Viktor tried to start one when like 5 people were reading this blog. So the idea never flew. I don’t think the Picards have an International Day either. But hey – Labradors have a day too -January 8! Oopsie- missed that one. I couldn’t find a day for Bernese, and boxers could claim Boxing Day- but they don’t have an official one either. But wait – pugs do! You can let me know if other breeds have “a day.” Who knew it was a thing?!

Well, time to get my daily party started. I hope your day is perfectly golden!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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