Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy Wormy here on another terrific Tuesday. And guess what else today is? Why it’s February 1st!!! So the 45 days of January are OVER!!! Yee haw!

So we survived the snowstorm – and you MIGHT think we would be all happy with the fluffy white stuff. But no- we’ve been pretty miserable. Why? Well we had lots of snow. Which is great. And the plow guy came to save us from being trapped until Spring. By the way, when he comes, we all shout out our instructions as to where we want the snow moved. The Boss starts. And the Coyote and I follow along. It’s kinda loud here until he leaves. Anyway, he did a super job. BUT, after he created our mountains and cleared the driveway, it rained. Not for really long, and it was kinda freezing rain. And do you know what THAT means? Two things: luge run driveway AND a thick crust on the snow. Now that thick crust MIGHT be fine for a dog who weighs as much as a bird, but that doesn’t describe anyone in this house. So when we go out, our feet break though the crust and then we sink in the snow up to our chest. On Sunday morning when the Warden attempted to take us to the lake, we didn’t get far at all. I got the furthest. I figured out how to hop and then sploot on top of the crust. I was trying to distribute my weight. In the meantime, the Coyote, who doesn’t generally mind snow but who hates the snow if it’s TOO cold, stood paralyzed. The Boss wanted nothing to do with any part of the adventure. He took one look at the trail and turned around and trudged back to the house. He promptly pooped on the driveway while trying to keep from sliding.

Since then we’ve had cold temperatures, so the crust has not melted. It’s no fun. And although the driveway has seen some salt, there’s no point trying to walk us up to the road because THAT is also like a skating rink. So walking on it is taking a big risk if a car comes along. So we stay home. And trust me – that can get pretty boring. Sure we do our training, and play games, but we have no good toys to play with because ummmm… they are all buried under the snow. The Warden was desperately searching the house and garage yesterday to find anything to keep us amused. Besides licking each other’s heads. We’ve finished every bully stick we had, and the cool super tough rubber bones we got for Christmas we can’t have because yours truly was able to break off pieces.

So like when I get bored, if I’m not styling the Boss’s hair or wrestling with the Coyote, I walk. Around the dining room table. Down the hall, around the dining room table, into the front hall, around the kitchen, around the dining room table….In the meantime, the Coyote starts pawing at the deck door. The Warden opens it and he just stands there, breathing in the fresh, freezing air. He has no intention of going out. I should mention that this is happening while the Warden is attempting to eat breakfast. This is after we’ve all been out to do our business, after we’ve had OUR breakfast and after we’ve devoured our frozen Kongs. At one point yesterday, when both the Coyote and I were staring at the deck door she opened it and said out. When we both stood in the doorway, she pushed us out. The Boss just rolled his eyes and headed for the treat jar. He figured it was a good opportunity to beg – given that both of us were out.

So do you think we went out to play? To look for squirrels? To birdwatch? I mean we both wanted out. Nope. As soon as that door was shut, we sat down and stared inside, creating olfactory art on the glass. The Warden tried to ignore us. But she’s easily guilted into letting us in. She got up and we marched back in. The Coyote went to lie down, and I proceeded to get in my 10,000 steps.

The Warden says that living with us is sometimes like having two year old triplets. Who just ate too much sugar. And who didn’t sleep the night before.

It looks like it might rain later in the week. I doubt it will be enough to melt all the snow – but maybe the crust. In the meantime, I’m not sure HOW that groundhog is going to make his way out tomorrow. And I don’t know WHAT the forecast will be if he can’t even get out. Six more solid weeks of this, and the Warden will be needing a vacation. I think that’s a great idea – as long as we get to go along!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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