Another birthday

Howdy doody blogaroos. Happy Sunday from snowville. Yup – we got snow yesterday. LOTS of snow. And then we had freezing rain. A perfect stay at home day. Yowza. The plow guy made huge piles for us to sled on. If we had a sled.

Do you know who is celebrating a birthday today? Nope – not the Boss. His was yesterday. We had leftover steak from the first fake birthday. He didn’t care.

Anyway, today is the birthday of FDR – Franklin D Roosevelt- the 32nd President of the US. Apparently FDR, who I’ll call Frankie, loved dogs. I have no knowledge about Frankie’s political record or whether people liked him ( although he was President for 12 years so I guess they did) but all I care about is whether or not he was a dog guy. Well- he was. Here’s info about him- and you can click on the various dogs he was owned by – including Scottish Terriers, an Old English, a Llewelyn setter, a Great Dane, a Bullmastiff, and a German Shepherd.

So blah, blah that’s not the really interesting part. But I DID find out something interesting- based on my Presidential research. Get this. FDR had a German Shepherd named Major. And get this. Major was a bit hmmmmm… assertive. And Major not only nibbled at some people – he ripped the seat of the pants from a visiting dignitary!!! The British Prime Minister needed a new pair of pants after Major was through with him. Yikes. After that incident, Major went to “live elsewhere”. Well hello – deja vu! Didn’t we recently talk about the fact that the current POTUS – also had a Shepherd, named Major, who nibbled at some staff and had to leave the White House!! How come this hasn’t been on the news?’ Clearly this is a weird coincidence!!! Plus NOW, the Bidens also got…cough… a cat. I guess Willow (the cat) will be a new buddy for Commander – their new Shepherd puppy. Things could get VERY interesting in the White House. Wish I was there to add to the chaos.

In other overly exciting news, I was very well behaved in class on Friday. The Warden thought I was starting to mature. Until the next morning when I raced 43 times around the dining room table, and ricocheted off walls and other canines before we went for our morning walk. OK. So I’m not fully mature.

Speaking of walks, it’s about that time. Better put on my boots and snow pants….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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