Uh oh

Howdy blogaroos on a fantastic Friday. Well – at least it is so far- we’re supposed to get another weather bomb this weekend. Rain, snow, ice, wind and might as well throw in some thunder and lightning just to keep things really interesting. Good thing we don’t mind thunder in this house – because we actually have had some during the snow storms in the past few weeks. Weird.

Well, I think we have officially driven the Warden crazy. In fact, we have so driven her to distraction, that she made a big boo boo the other day. So ya know the whole 12th birthday celebration for the Boss the other day? All the photos. All the accolades. All the well wishes – thanks for those! Well it seems our esteemed Warden goofed. Yes – it IS the Boss’s 12th birthday. BUT – it’s not until TOMORROW. She made the mistake easily. It’s on her calendar. Except she made the calendar- and she got the date wrong!!! I knew she needed new glasses. She put down 26 instead of 29 – which is his REAL birthday.

Anyway, the fake birthday bash was fantastic. It included extra walks, games – AND she cooked up a steak just for him! Mind you, the Coyote and I got some too. The Warden made the Boss share.

We sang Happy Birthday and then she doled out the steak. Although the Boss got the most (rightly so) we didn’t get the WHOLE thing. Having soupy poops from too much of a good thing would kinda stink after a party. Literally. Plus we know how the Boss hates baths – so that would totally have ruined the celebration. So we’ve been sharing leftovers since the fake birthday. I’m hoping she cooks up another hunk of beef tomorrow- since that’s the REAL day. We’ll see.

So we’ve had some super duper frosty frigid temperatures the past few days- and as we mentioned, the lake is frozen SOLID. Of course, the Warden has been trying to get photos of us out there – but trust me – it’s NOT easy. The Boss and I would rather roll, and the Coyote would rather do anything else. Lick the snow, stare at the sky, stare at the woods, chew on ice – he’s not an easy model. But the Warden managed to get a couple of shots last night before the sun went down. As soon as she said “free”, yours truly made a mad dash for her walking stick – and took off with it.

She uses the stick in the winter when our trails are icy. Well – I had no intention of bringing that stick back, and dodged and ducked every time she tried to grab it. And you would think it would be easy – it’s pretty long. Mind you- she was on ice. She finally gave up and started up the trail with the Coyote and the Boss. I waited a bit and then tried to race past her on the path. Busted. She grabbed the stick and just looked at me. I jaunted on my merry way.

Well that’s the news from this corner of the world. I have class today – and I’ve been working hard so we’ll see whether I remember what to do when I get there. No matter what – I’ll be sure to entertain!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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