Number 12

Well howdy blogaroos- happy hump day!

So I have some fun facts to share with you today about a number. And the number is 12. There are lots of things associated with the number 12. Check them out here:

But why do we care about the number 12? What’s the big deal? It’s because it the Boss’s 12th birthday!!!!!! Yee haw! The Boss has hit the dirty dozen!!! He is officially the second oldest dog the Warden has ever been owned by. Her first – Barney, the pound puppy lived to 17.5 – so the Boss has a few more years to beat the record. And we’re pulling for him.

This is the Boss’s 8th birthday celebration on the blog!!!! Lots of incessant barking over all those years. Lots of guarding against all things that could threaten our home – including rabbits, cats and nice neighbors. Yup – he officially owns our road. Always has. Always will. At least in his mind! He will defend his turf at all costs – unless there’s a puddle or wet grass in the way.

He has been an outstanding puppy role model – raising Viktor…


And me…

He still holds the record for most ribbons won in this household in beauty pageants and in performance events. He loves to perform- so has recently come out of retirement to get back in that rally ring. Whether he ever gets another ribbon or not is irrelevant – he and the Warden just have fun doing it – and that’s what really counts. This photo is an oldie which shows what he earned in a single year!

The Boss also holds the title for most willing photo model – and he has been called Frodo-genic. Here’s just a few shots from this past year:

His favorite hobby, besides eating and training (which involves treats) is rolling. He’s a pro…

Despite all training attempts, the Warden has never been able to reduce the Boss’s love of “singing”. Well, maybe not singing – a better word is yelling. He yells out breakfast and dinner instructions. Every. Single. Day. He yells when the Warden takes someone else out for a walk. Even when he has already been out. He yells when the Warden steps in the shower. Just because. He yells at me and the Coyote if we bug him too much or if our horsing around is getting out of control. He’s the fun police.

The Boss could also win the prize for THE most dramatic dog in this household- at least when it comes to grooming. He pants like he has run a marathon, and squeaks like he is totally being tortured. He could win an Oscar for his performance. But not to worry – he rebounds when they are done. He shakes himself off, and promptly rolls.

He’s definitely the smartest guy in the house, and he can be quite serious, but he does have a sense of humor…

We’ve said it before that although Viktor started this blog, there probably wouldn’t have been a blog if not for the Boss. He was the Warden’s first PON – and she was smitten. She thought ALL PONs would be super easy to train – like the Boss. So that’s why she got Viktor! Viktor and I have often challenged the easy-to-train theory – but we do have a good role model to follow. I’m even working on his yelling skill – he has taught me well!!!

We know the Boss has a heart condition for which he takes medication. But his last check up was great – and he has as much energy as ever. He has some lumps and bumps – but what seasoned dog doesn’t? He doesn’t like me calling him a senior. Although he did say he does play the senior card when he goes to the pet store to get discounts.

So Happy Birthday to my bold, brilliant and barky “brother.” May your happy, healthy days continue and may you continue to incessantly share your wise instructions! You’re our hero and we all love you very, very much!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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