Leap frog

Howdy doody blogaroos! Squirmy here on a terrific Tuesday. After a mediocre Monday. No- nothing bad happened- but it was kinda boring because we didn’t go for our run to the golf course in the morning. We had a dusting of snow the night before- just enough to camouflage the patches of ice still in the driveway. The Warden was worried about sliding, so we had to “do our thing” in the yard again. How boring was that. She did take the Boss up to get the paper – because he’s good off leash so no chance of being dragged on ice. Plus when they get halfway up, she tells him to wait – and he does. She was wondering yesterday if I’ll ever become that obedient. Don’t count on it.

We did do our runs to the lake later in the afternoon. I’ve discovered that it’s kinda cool to walk on ice. I don’t go far out – because the Warden calls me to come back. We heard some motorized vehicles on the ice the other night – so it must be pretty strong. Still, we don’t go far out.

This will be a quick blog because I’m busy preparing for tomorrow. It’s a super special day – so tune in tomorrow to read all about it.

Just one quick other note. So I have a new sport. You know that kid’s game of leap frog where kids vault over the one another while one is stooping over? There’s probably an app for it now. Anyway, I tried the game – over the Warden.…

So we do a training session every evening. We go down into the rec room where she has moved around the furniture and we practice my rally and obedience moves. The Boss does too. But we do it one at a time, because it’s chaotic to try and do anything with two of us (or three of us) at once. Except for sit stays and down stays. That we can all do together.

Anyway, the Boss had his session first and then it was my turn. I’m absolutely perfect at home. Not so much at class. I haven’t “generalized” my skills just yet.

So when we were done training, the Warden went in the other room and appeared with a toy I haven’t seen since I was little. A stuffed bear – who has no stuffing. Well. I went crazy for that toy. I tugged and spun and twisted with that thing and was having a ball. The Warden tossed the bear and I raced to get him and brought him back for more tugs. I was having a blast. The Warden tossed the bear again and as I ran to get him, for some not-well-thought-out reason, she decided to sit on the floor. I ran back with the bear, but felt this was a great time to play leap frog and attempted to ricochet off and over her shoulders. Luckily she saw what I was about to do so she put up her arms to kinda stop me and she kinda rolled. I thought that meant I should roll on her too. Let’s just say my play style is like a bull in a china shop. A blind bull who has been stung by a bee, Heck – I can’t be trusted around her when she bends over to tie her shoes – graceful and slow moving are not words used to describe me. In fact, now when she puts on or takes off footwear, I have to remain in a sit stay so as not to cause a concussion.

But back to the demolition derby play session. The Warden was able to wrestle me and to get back the bear – without any major sprains or fractures. She tossed the bear again across the room and after I got him, I again attempted my football defense moves combined with the leap frog game. Needless to say, the Warden didn’t stay on floor for long. I had a blast.

OK. Time to go and get ready for tomorrow. It’s a BIG day! Stay tuned!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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