On the button

Happy Saturday blogaroos! Squirmy here today after a WILD, windy and rainy Friday. It was CRAY-ZEEEE windy. I think I saw Toto fly by. But we were lucky – our power never went out AND by the time I was going to class, the rain had stopped. THEN the temperature dropped down last night, so we could have a skating rink in the yard this morning. Could be short walks. Again.

Today I have a funny video to share with you that Sue sent to the Warden. This dog has a device that I would LOVE to have. Sue thinks I would become a roly poly if I had it. Check it out:

If for some reason you can’t see the video, but you are a Facebook user – you can find the video here. The Warden is not exactly a techno wizard, so hopefully you can see it.


Anyway, the Warden thought this device would be cool – but I could only have it at mealtime. Otherwise, I WOULD be a roly poly. But she said that before she would get me one, I would first need to learn to hit a button – like the “Easy” button. Here’s a dog using the easy button:


I know lots of dogs can do this – and some dogs even learn to push buttons to “talk.” The Warden doesn’t want to start that because she figures I will start arguing about things I don’t want to do. So we’ll just try the “Easy” button. There are a couple of ways to train button pushing. Here’s one…and I feel kinda sorry for the dog at certain points because the lady is so busy telling viewers what to do, she’s missing his good behavior. I would just start biting.


Here’s a slightly different method…


It looks like there’s no one way to train a button push. Do what works for you and your dog – as long as you have fun and give LOTS of rewards.

I started trying this the other night, and the Boss needed to be sequestered in the other room because he wanted to try too. But after working with me, the Warden was exhausted, so he didn’t try. By the end of my first session, I was occasionally hitting the button. With no consistency at all.

The next session, I would touch the button with my nose, but rarely got it to talk. Still, the Warden was rewarding my efforts. The more I did it, the more treats came my way. And IF I got the voice- JACKPOT! By the end of session two I was better – but, truthfully, not lovin’ this whole thing. I like heeling and running. I like ACTION stuff. Pushing buttons is boring. At least that’s my excuse.

While I was doing session two, the Boss was watching through the French door. He was in the hallway with the Coyote who thought the whole exercise was silly. When I was done with my lukewarm performance, The Boss and I traded places and he was introduced to the button. First time. Never played with it before. At least not that the Warden can remember. This is him after less than 10 minutes. I’m not joking.


The dude is a genius. I said less than 10 minutes- but honestly, it was probably 5. She showed it to him, waited for him to hit it. Gave him a treat – and voila – a few minutes later he’s running over to the thing and hitting it on his own. Show off. (Oh The Warden said to excuse his messy coat – remember, we DID have a rainy day).

Anyway, I’ll keep working on my button pushing. The Coyote rolls his eyes and says it’s too much work. He’d rather watch birds out the window. I’m thinking I may join him.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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