Bits and pieces

So today we have some bits and pieces…

First off, if you happen to be in our neck of the woods and you think you are smelling an Italian restaurant in the air- it’s really us.  We have started eating our garlic tablets again- so we smell like a Caesar salad or a plate of aglio olio pasta, and our tick spray makes us smell a bit like a shot of Limoncello.  Yup.  We smell yummy. Let’s hope none of the ticks are Italian…  
Next, we had a visitor the night before last. A visitor who knocked over our garbage can, our green bin AND the can with all the dog poop bags. I’m thinking it was not a rabbit. What a disappointment for him when he opened that dog poop can. I think he pulled out some of the bags just to show his displeasure.  We never heard a thing…
And lastly, remember my human’s good friend Joanie?  The one who has gone with ALL THREE OF US to the baseball field.  The one who had a bloody nose from the FG.  The one who is an EXTREMELY good and patient friend.  Well Joanie has a dog named Jaxon.  He is a rescue – and he bears a striking resemblance to a PON. 

Well.  Guess who Jaxon met the other night?  Spike.  Yup.  Jaxon had a run in with a porcupine.  Of course it happened on a weekend. At bedtime.   But luckily, Jaxon has a good vet who agreed to meet them at the vet clinic.  Poor Jaxon had over 80 quills removed.  He had to be knocked out to have it done – some were imbedded pretty badly- I won’t get into the graphic description.   Suffice to say, he was feeling pretty poorly the next day, but was fine the day after that.  Been there – so I feel his pain.  It’s obviously “that time of the year” for wildlife.  Bunnies…porcupines…bears….ticks…black flies… makes a guy want to stay indoors. Suuuure it does…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 10

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