More tick stuff

A lazy, rainy day yesterday.   Some of you may have seen my photo on Facebook.  It was not funny.


The good news- no new tick discoveries.  Could be due to the fact that my human started spraying that Atlantik stuff on our collars and on our harnesses.  One of the main ingredients is lemongrass.  So now we all smell like walking citronella candles.   My human has this idea….we should wear coats made of a lightweight fabric.   Maybe even something like that microfiber stuff.  Then, she can spray the coats.   The stuff is not toxic for pets, but she still would rather that we not be licking ourselves after we have been sprayed.  So putting it on our coats would be fine.  She just needs to make the coats.   This is where anyone who knows my human’s seamstress skills starts laughing loudly and hysterically.  More than likely she will find someone who can make them for her.  That would save much crying and moaning in our house.

Thanks for the suggestions that we got about what some of you are using against the dreaded insect demons.  I liked the suggestion about using garlic.  Our friend in France, Dominique explained that they crush a few cloves of garlic, dilute with water and spray.  Which reminded my human about these specially formulated garlic tablets for dogs that we used to get years ago.  She dug them out of the cupboard – and we have plenty.  All of which have a Best By date of November 2017. So much for that idea.  But we could make the spray….

Turns out we can’t get Wondercide shipped to Canada.  Something about regulations around labeling.    So that option is out.  So we’ll stick to our Atlantik.  Besides – we like to support local!

Seriously- do ticks have any redeeming qualities?  I’m mean they are not helpful like bees who pollinate plants.  Or Ladybugs who feed on harmful insects. Or earthworms who help to aerate soil.   Nope. Ticks are just plain evil predators.  Who I would be happy to see on the extinct list. But it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon.  One friend told my human how she put one in boiling water.  Twice.  And it still lived.  My human knows of one that was sealed in a jar without food or moisture or ANYTHING – and it lived for MONTHS.  Ewwwwww.

Well, time to get my human moving and make the most of this week.  Hopefully the rain will let up today.  Maybe.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
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