May 28. And on this day in 1937, the German car manufacturer, Volkswagen was founded. 

We have a VW – and his name is Ludwig.  He is a Golf.  And everyone said he would be too small to hold all of us.  Well – everyone was wrong.  We can put a crate to hold the FG in the back, and then we PONs can easily fit behind the crate.  IF we choose to stay there.  I would MUCH prefer to be in the passenger seat and I DO try desperately to worm my way to the front – resulting in barricades created by my human.  You would be surprised how I am able to make my way through even the smallest gap.  If we are not going for a really long drive, she will, on occasion leave the crate at home – and just let us all stay loose in the back.  She actually did that on Sunday.  It was raining and we were all bored.  She needed to meet someone for a drug deal – and decided to take us with her.  OK.  Lower your eyebrows.  The drug deal was kind of sad.

A friend had her lovely female Doberman go to the Rainbow Bridge rather suddenly a few weeks ago.  Her dog had been taking some medication like I take  – and she kindly offered it to my human.  So we went to meet in a parking lot to pick it up.  It was very much appreciated…

We have PLENTY of room in Ludwig.  It is a bit of a gong show though.  I am always looking at a way to get in the front seat, Einstein is snorting and making olfactory art on the window which is only open 2 inches, and the FG squeaks, and occasionally screams to be let out.  Good times.  By the time we were headed home, we had all settled down.  And then didn’t want to get out.

So now for some fun.  Who KNEW that Volkswagen liked dogs?  Well – at least they have dogs in many commercials.  They know what sells.

Here are a few fun examples that I found:

The first two are for Star Wars fans:



Then we have this crazy dog – advertising parts:

This crazy dog wants to BE a VW:

These guys prefer to ride rather than run:

And here we have my favorite – a breed for every make of VW:


Now.  They need to make one featuring PONs and Picards.  Maybe they could use Ludwig.  But first they would have to clean the olfactory art off the windows….

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 0 My human went back to work yesterday…..

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