Did you ever have one of those moments when you say – “WHOA – THAT was close!”   Like when your car slides on ice – and you JUST miss hitting that guardrail.  Or your dog grabs a toy – narrowly missing your finger.  Or you drop your phone – and gingerly turn it over to see that the screen has NOT cracked.  Or a dog suddenly lunges at your dog while on leash – and your dog is JUST out of reach.  Or you open the front door and there is a bunny on the lawn and your dogs are off leash, but the bunny runs away before your dogs see him.  Or you think you are out of dog food – and the store is closed – BUT – there is still another small bag in the cupboard.  (That’s a HUGE “Whoa.”).  Well yesterday my human had one of the BIGGEST “Whoa” moments ever.

As you know, my human is back to work this week.  She very much enjoys her work – but she knows – as do we, that it is time to retire.  And she has this sneaking feeling that I keep telling her that.  Notice that every time she goes back to work, I have a seizure?  Or so it feels like it…

Anyway, we got up at 4:30 yesterday and went for our walks as usual. The typical routine.   We had breakfast.  She had breakfast.  She had her shower.  And as she was getting ready to leave, she handed me one of the pill pockets containing 3 of my 4 pills.  And who knows why, but I missed taking it from her hand and it dropped to the floor.  Einstein was standing next to me.  And being the ever-ready vacuum that he is, Einstein picked it up…. In all my life, I have never, ever, EVER seen my human react so quickly. She grabbed his mouth, tilted his head down, shouted “DROP IT” – and ploop – out dropped the pill pocket.  I honestly don’t think Einstein even knew what happened or had a chance to even TASTE the pill pocket. My human scooped it up and gave it to me.  All of this happened in probably 2.3 seconds.  “WHOA!” she said as she let out a huge breath.  THAT could have been disastrous.

Typically, my human is not that quick in the morning.  But THAT got her blood running. Talk about luck.  I suggested she get a lottery ticket.

It’s hump day!!!!  Let’s hope for limited “Whoa” moments all around today!!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 1

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