FG adventures

So the FG has been having some interesting adventures at the golf course lately.  Besides watching geese and ducks.  For example, yesterday morning he and my human were walking along one of the paths at around 5:30 AM.  And the golf course has JUST started to put the sprinkler systems on now in the morning.  They shoot out water and spin around.  If you time things right, you can walk along the path without getting wet.  BUT if you are in a hurry, because you need to get home, eat breakfast, feed three STARVING canines ( well, really two starving canines – the picky Picard is inconsistent with his appetite – as opposed to the always famished PONs), shower, dress, take all three dogs out for a second time to pee and go to work – you don’t have time to wait for spinning water sprinklers.  What my human didn’t expect was that as soon as the water came down over their heads, it caused the Wild Child to literally launch himself straight up into the air in an attempt to grab the sudden downpour.  My human has NEVER seen him do that.  And he did it more than once.  We are talking about a canine version of a rocket launcher.  She WISHED she had had her camera.
Meanwhile, during his evening walk, he made friends the other day with Martin, the chef at the golf course.  Martin seems to think the FG is cool. So the other day, he asked my human if the FG could have a treat.  “Sure” she said.  Well, let me tell you, the Picky Picard was NOT picky over barbecued chicken.  Martin made a friend for life.  Now the FG pulls to go and see Martin, and he even waited patiently while Martin went in last night to get him another treat of chicken.  Clearly the FG is more trainable than I thought – he remembers VERY well.
Tomorrow my human has the last day of an important program at work.  She then has a few weeks that will be less busy before her time gets crazy for another 4.5 week program.  We are looking forward to some shorter work days for a few weeks.  Not that it will stop us from getting up at 5 AM.  It’s light out – so who wants to waste a perfectly good day!  Besides, I think Einstein and I need to meet Martin too.  We like chicken. We like anything!!
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 14

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