Designer duds

So.  My human was reading about this on-line business in the UK that started in February.  And their big thing is selling designer dog clothes.  Coats and jackets,  jumpers (or sweaters for people not in the UK) and hoodies, tops, t-shirts, bandanas and bow ties – you can find it all at their website…

Oh and they sell collars and other stuff too.  At first I thought it was all for little dogs.  But I see they offer things in size extra large.  Ugh.  I hope my human doesn’t get any bright ideas.

But it wasn’t their website that made ME take notice.  It was an article about their company – and a person interviewed for the article who has a dog named Rocky. Rocky looks to be a chihuahua in his photo.  And are you ready for this crazy bit of info… Rocky has more than 1500 outfits.  Yes.  1500!   Oh and by the way, Rocky also has a diamond decorated bed worth more than $2000.  Hello?  How do you spell spoiled?  Or is the word excessive?    Rocky can go for more than three years without wearing the same outfit twice.  Who KNEW one could even FIND 1500 different outfits for dogs.  He must have his own tailor.  Better him than me.  And I thought wearing the dreaded raincoat was bad.   I wonder if Rocky gets to select what he wears.  Like humans, he probably wears only 20 of those outfits and the rest hang in the closet.  I want to see Rocky’s closet. 

Meanwhile, here at the zoo, things continue to improve.  We hope. Cone-head is at least not waking my human in the middle of the night.  And Butt-head is not bothering him.  Well, at least not as much.  Please keep your fingers crossed that it continues….
Have a good one! Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days:  14

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