Choking. About resolutions.

June 1.  And according to the crazy calendar it is Heimlich Maneuver Day.   I was going to write about using the technique with dogs – but I found this video that sums up what you need to know:

Thankfully my human hasn’t had to use this on any of her dogs – but it IS good to know. 

Today is also  New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day.  So I decided to look back to see what I had promised I would do.  And low and behold…I didn’t promise anything!    I see that for 2018, I just reviewed the most common resolutions that humans make.  I reviewed them with my human today and so far the ONLY one that she has met is to quit smoking.  Mind you she never has smoked.  But she needed to feel like she was successful with at least one.  I’m not commenting about more exercise, better diet or more sleep for her.  Look – we TRY to give her more exercise.  And we really can’t do anything about what she eats.  OK.  OK.  We COULD help out more with the sleep part by not waking her up in the middle of the night for no reason.  And as for the cutting-down-on-stress resolution, I thought research said that just owning a dog reduces stress.  OK.  Perhaps not if it is two PONs and a Picard. Not to mention the stress about worrying about my health….

Another resolution was to travel more.  My human has to get working on that one.  Mind you, for some odd reason when my human contacts potential dog sitters so that she can go away, nobody gets back to her.  They must read my blog.  I think she needs to advertise the danger pay part.
So we are entering the second half of 2018. Let’s hope for health and happiness all around. And travel.  And more exercise. And good fortune. And that we don’t EVER need the Heimlich Maneuver…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days:15

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