Cone-head and butt-head

So cone-head and butt-head are still at it.  Those are the new names for Einstein and the FG. It is UNBELIEVABLE that I am the good dog in this household. 

Butt-head continues to go after cone-head.  Cone-head in turn, is so annoyed, he actually grabbed a bunch of hair on butt-head’s face, and tore it off.  But not to worry – butt-head obviously was not hurt because he went right back to try again. My human immediately stepped in to end that round.
The really bad part yesterday was the fact that my human discovered that cone-head had a bunch of his hair stuck to the sore spot.  IMAGINE trying to fix THAT dilemma.  Honestly, if this was a reality show, everyone would think it was fake.  
 The squeaking by both cone-head AND butt-head sounds like living in an aviary.  Last night, my human even gave cone-head a few drops of my CBD oil to  settle him down.  She seriously considered chugging the whole bottle herself. 
Oh yes – and on top of our insanity, my human is battling ants.  It’s that time of year when the pesky insects make their way through cracks in the most crazy places and they are driving my human nuts.  I think it’s a good thing – it takes her mind off the battle of cone-head and butt-head.  Sure it does.  She has been placing ant traps in inaccessible places.  Inaccessible to us dogs.  Not the ants.  In fact, she found ants crawling all over one.  So either it is working great – or she needs some new ammunition.  
Someone suggested my human needs a vacation.  She actually has planned a few days away in August – only to find that our most recent dog sitter – who stayed with us in November, is no longer sitting.  My human thinks we made her retire.  And another potential sitter is getting married.  Really – I think the marriage excuse is a bit much.  OK.  She is getting married like three days before my human plans to be away.  Does she REALLY need a honeymoon?  The newlyweds could stay here!  On a lake.  In the “woods.”  Near a golf course.  Three pleasant dogs.  What more could newlyweds want?  
Keep those fingers crossed that the sore on cone-head continues to heal.  If he continues to complain today, he may end up at our vet’s tonight.  Just for a check up.  Not to stay.  
And if anyone knows a good dog sitter in our area, please contact my human.  She actually pays danger pay.  Just kidding.  Actually – no, I’m not….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 8

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