The B Day

So what do Benjamin Harrison (23rd US President), Fabian Gottlieb-Von Bellingshausen (a Russian explorer born in 1779 who discovered Antarctica), Al Roker (the TV weather guy) and my human all have in common? The same birthday- and it’s today!  Yup.  She survived another year with us.  It was touch and go a few times this year – when she walked out that door and we wondered if she was ever coming back.   Mind you,  the door was to the bathroom – but you never know if she might climb out that window.

Birthdays are an interesting event.  Did you know that the earliest birthday celebrations date back to Egyptian times.  I bet my human remembers that.  The Ancient Greeks are attributed as being the first to put candles on cakes when they offered moon-shaped cakes to the lunar goddess, Artemis.  The ancient Romans supposedly were the first to celebrate the birthdays of the common man, and not just religious figures or famous citizens.  BUT – “man” is the operative word – birthdays for WOMEN were not believed to have been celebrated until the 12th century.  Whoa.  Talk about gender discrimination!  The women got to bake the cakes-made of wheat flour, olive oil, honey and grated cheese. Yum.  But the guys got to celebrate.  While it obviously wasn’t fair – I still like the sounds of the recipe…

Different cultures and religions celebrate birthdays in different ways.  And then we have world  “famous” birthdays- like Christmas.  Countries celebrate the birthdays of famous monarchs or presidents or political leaders – and for most it basically represents a day off work.  And maybe some shopping sales.  Even if ya didn’t really like the person or their political views, ya still are quite happy to celebrate the day they were born.  Humans.

Google “dog birthday “ and you can literally find dozens of ways for us canines to celebrate our special day.  Wonder what the ancient Romans would have thought of that?  

I’ve said it before – humans are a funny lot.  When they are young, they want to be older.  And when they are old, they want to be younger.  And perhaps, at some point,  they just get to the age where they are happy for the here and now.  Like us dogs!! They look in the mirror and no longer see “age lines”, but see “story lines.”  They start realizing that it’s not about what the world can give them, but what they can give the world.  Because my human is over 400 years old in dog years, she is starting to appreciate that more and more all the time.  She has also learned to embrace the chaos!

And she is grateful for family, friends (near and far) and canines who share with her this crazy up and down, happy and sad, serious and silly, simple and complex journey called life.  And for another birthday…

Happy birthday to my human.  Paws crossed you get a liver cake.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 89

Bird rescue. 911.

Yesterday morning began quietly.  Actually, come to think of it, it didn’t…

On Friday night my human went up to the golf course to meet some of the neighbors for supper.  When she got home, she took each of us out for a pee on leash.  Well the FG was TERRIBLY interested in some squeaking noises coming from a bush in front of the house.  There was actually quite a racket going on, so my human kept him on a tight lead.  Well the squeaking and squawking did not stop – and it was right outside our bedroom window.  My human thought at one point that she would have to sleep in the DFZ if it didn’t stop.  Clearly some birds were unhappy.  But around 10:30 it stopped, so it was a peaceful night.
However at around 6AM, the racket began again.  She looked around the bushes but didn’t see anything.  So she decided to text Pig Pen’s human who is the resident Mother Nature.  She said she would be right over.  So Mom Nature came over and they began the search, armed with a ladder, and a broom.  All the time while we canines were barking out instructions.  Long story short, they discovered a nest of baby birds who clearly appeared to be in distress.  There were three little guys – crying and crying.  And obviously no Mom in sight.  So they called a local animal rescue group and were told to take the babies to the Emergency Vet Clinc- where they would be picked up.  So Mom Nature cut the nest out of the tree, and my human was chauffeur over to the hospital.  There the techs whisked away the little fellas to feed and take care of them until the rescue center picked them up.
So with that good deed done, the humans were invigorated and Mom Nature offered to go with my human to the local Rails to Trails – with all three of US for a walk.  Rails to Trails are just what they sound like – old railway lines that have been converted to hiking/biking/ cross-country skiing trails.  Pig Pen didn’t come as he was going for a vet check up with his other human.  My human warned Mom Nature that this could be an “interesting “ experience as we had never done this trail before.  I think Mom Nature was having an adrenaline high after the bird rescue- that she didn’t really have a good idea about what she had just volunteered for. 
My human loaded us in Ludwig, with the FG in a crate and Einstein and I behind the crate.  By the time my human went to get in the driver’s seat, I had squirmed around the crate and was already in the passenger seat.  I was promptly removed – and put back in my designated riding area.
When we arrived at the trail, Mom Nature opted to walk me and Einstein, while my human handled the FG.  It was a great walk – complete with a total of 6 poops.  Sorry for the “too much information “ – but it is just to emphasize how happy we were!!  After we walked about 2.5 km, we turned around to go back to the car.  We had passed numerous cyclists, walkers and joggers, and had been extremely well-behaved.  But  on the way back we faced something new. Someone walking a dog…
And this presented a problem.  Because when Einstein has been somewhere ONCE, he now claims that territory as his own.  And he had walked this route 10 minutes ago.  So now it was his.  Keep in mind that you can walk Einstein through a dog show, or take him to the vet, where he sees other dogs, and he is FINE.  But walk a road or a trail that he has walked, and it is HIS.   Luckily by this point, my human and Mom Nature had traded leashes, so Mom Nature only had to contend with the FG.  
Actually, the FG and I didn’t care about the other dog, it was just Einstein who put on the Cujo routine.  Not a pretty sight.  The next dog they spotted, my human crouched down and stuffed treats in our faces – so Einstein never even NOTICED the dog who walked within 6 feet of us.  That’s one good  thing about food-loving PONs.  After the second dog encounter, they decided to call it a day.  We had walked almost 5km and the trail was getting busier.  It was almost 10AM.
We all crashed when we got home – and even my human had a little nap.  Bird rescue and animal wrangling is tough work!
I can hardly wait to see what adventures await us today!!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 88

Walks. And the Vet.

So yesterday I went to the Vet…

As all of you regular readers know, my seizures have been under good control for almost 3 months.  However…. my human noticed in the past few weeks that I have been showing some signs of rear end wobbles.  Now whenever I started on new meds, I always showed these signs.  But nothing is new.  So she wondered about it.  Was it due to the temperatures we have had – and could it possibly affect the way I metabolize my medications?  She also discovered two bumps on me – which she figured were cysts, but she thought we should get them checked.
As usual, I was the PERFECT patient.  The Vet actually said that if all her patients were as well behaved as me, her job would be very easy.  She isn’t worried about the cysts- she said they appear to be harmless.  I do have a broken molar – which we will keep an eye on.  So much for antlers in this house…
The Vet examined me thoroughly and felt I had weakness in one rear leg.  I have no joint issues, and I am not painful- but one leg is definitely weaker than the other.  We will watch to see if it gets worse.
Otherwise, my blood work was substantially better than earlier in the year.  And we have decided to try and wean me off one of my seizure meds – so that is good. 
So.  All in all good news –  and also some things to watch.  I quite enjoy going to the Vet – the treats are awesome.
Because we had a morning Vet appointment, my human decide to take all three of us on our morning walk.  To the golf course.   Together.  I’m not kidding.
Let’s just say she has no plans to do that again any time soon.  How does one describe spinning barking dogs with twisted leashes while the human is attempting to pick up poop – and remain upright.  I believe the word is CHAOS.  She just kept mumbling “Why did I do this?  What was I thinking?  Why did I do this?” We all made it home in one piece.  Barely.
Today we have no plans. We have rain in the forecast, so we PONs would be quite happy to stay indoors.  The FG can go for a long walk – that’s fine with us.
My human may actually read a book today.  Whatever that means.  As long as it’s not about dog training…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 88

The dating profile.

My human has yet to start that dating profile.  So I think I’ll get it started for her.  Here we go:

Older woman.  More than a half century old.  Still showing effects of eating too much Halloween candy two years ago.  But working on it.

Have a job. It’s rewarding. Have not been fired yet.

Can cook.  Love to do laundry and wash the kitchen floor. ( I’ll just put that in to see if they are really reading this thing).

Like to travel.  Like to collect sea glass.  Like to write.  Like to take pictures.  Like to paint.  Like to hike.  Like to bike.  And REALLY like dogs.  Which brings me to a warning….

Most importantly, any potential dates must LOVE, ADORE and CHERISH dogs.  Must also have the patience of Job and a HUGE sense of humor.  Currently owned by three PERFECT canines.  An 8 year old genius, a 6 year old writer with special needs and a 2 year old clown.  

Potential dates must know how to bake dog biscuits.  Dates must know how to throw a fetch toy and should not be alarmed with dog hair on pants, in vehicles or occasionally in food.   Must also feel comfortable with picking up dog poop.  Multiple times if you are walking the genius dog.  Grooming skills not necessary.  Must be willing to feed dogs at any time of the night or day when they request food.  ( I bet she is going to take out that part.)
OK… it’s a start.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  I haven’t gotten to the part about the screening process we dogs will carry out.  
Oh this is going to be such fun….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days:  87

A lazy day

Well yesterday was a pretty lazy day in this household.  After all the excitement of having company the night before, we canines were pretty pooped out – and my human also decided to have an easy day.  We still of course did our morning walks – and we got to go with Pig Pen and his human.  I just don’t get the whole water and mud thing with him.  To each his own.

My human said we are all in desperate need of a good grooming, but yesterday was pretty warm and muggy – so she didn’t attempt it.  She DID attempt to take a few photos with the Sou’wester souvenir hat she bought for us while she was away.  Let’s just say that the photo shoot was less than successful. I kept moving my head back so the hat wasn’t visible in the photos – or it kept falling over my eyes.  Einstein was a bit more cooperative, but even the best shots were not all that exciting.  She didn’t even ATTEMPT to try it with the FG.  We have yet to model our tartan scarves.  I can hardly wait….

Last night my human and the FG found themselves in a bit of a “situation.”  You see, they like to go up to the golf course at the end of the night, and they walk the first couple of holes – as no one starts golfing so late.  Last night they actually went up a bit earlier than they usually do – because we had some thick evening fog – and it was darker than usual.  They walked the first hole and stopped to take some fog dog photos. They heard people on some holes further on, and turned around to go back home.  They came around the corner and low and behold, somebody was teeing off on the hole they had just walked down.   Uh-oh.  My human is super conscious about never being in the way – that’s why we only go up early in the morning before the course opens, or at the end of the night when everyone is done.  I might add that we never leave a TRACE of having been there – she always picks up any “deposits” even if they are not in a place that someone is likely to walk.  So now they try to cut back across another fairway.  And more people are coming out of the fog. They ended up darting back and forth like two thieves in the night.  The short walk ended up being much longer than they expected.  
And speaking of long walks, my human is having a bit of an ankle problem- and she should probably go to see her doctor.  Based on her internet medical degree, she figures she has some tendonitis in her ankle – and it keeps swelling up.  It’s fine in the morning – well it’s better in the morning, but as the day wears on it gets worse.  She should probably be icing it and keeping it elevated, but seriously, how does someone with three dogs stay off their feet?! It is a bit of a dilemma.
Maybe we’ll let her relax again today.  Maybe…
Perhaps I can help her work on that dating profile….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 86

More company!

Yesterday Marvin left. We are going to miss him – he was a great dog walker!  For a change – all three of us got to go for our walks together each morning. Back to two trips today…

Last night we had some more special company.  Two humans and their dog, Flicka were visiting Nova Scotia from their home in the US.  Flicka is a Picard. And she is one lucky dog – she gets to travel to all kinds of cool places. It MIGHT be because she is obedient.  Really obedient.  Unlike any dogs in THIS household.
Before they arrived, my human’s sister came over to help with the meal preparation.  She made some bread with olive oil and was just about to toast it in the broiler.  One problem.  She left the baking sheet full of bread slices on the edge of the stove.  The EDGE.  Seriously- in this house, food on the edge is simply an invitation to help oneself to a snack.  So when she stepped away from the stove and turned her back for 2.3 seconds, she heard a crash.  It was raining baguette and two PONs became instant vacuum cleaners. 
Luckily there was still a half baguette left that had not been sliced. Because my human was not about to serve the pieces on the floor that had not been instantaneously devoured.  
And then, Flicka arrived.  We PONs got to meet her first.  We did the customary olfactory greeting, and that was that.  Flicka is a mature Picard-and she didn’t t get too excited about two crazy younger PONs.  We went back in the house, and then my human brought out the FG.  Well.  It was like they were two long lost cousins.  One look at him and the grande dame got all happy and bouncy.  I think they were flirting with each other.  She must like younger guys. My human was so excited to meet Flicka and her humans, that my human didn’t even take any photos!    But luckily, Flicka’s humans did – so here are a few shots taken by them:

After the initial meetings, we were sequesetered in the basement rec room, while Flicka stayed upstairs during dinner. Those are the privileges one gets when one is well-mannered.  A good lesson for the future.  Maybe by the time I am Flicka’s age, I will behave.  Sure I will.
It was very  nice to meet them – and another cool example of how the internet can bring people together!
Today our house will be quiet without the company.  But not to worry – we’ll be sure my human NEVER gets bored.  She still has lots of vacation left…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 85

Marvin is leaving…

Ya da ya da.  Remember how my human was extolling the good behavior of the FG? And how he seemed to be maturing?  Wrongo. The Tasmanian Devil is BACK.  The well-mannered routine was short lived.

Yesterday my human and Marvin went out for a little while and when they came back, my human let all of us run around outside- with the FG on a long line.  We were racing around on the lawn when suddenly, Einstein put his nose in the air.  And he headed for the woods.  Of course the other two Stooges had to follow, with me hot on his heels, followed by the FG. When my human shouted for us to come back, the instigator immediately returned,  followed shortly by yours truly.  But the FG was playing magician, and disappeared into the brush.  My human went to put me and Einstein into the house and Marvin headed for the lake, as that’s where it appeared the FG was heading. After we were sequestered, my human grabbed a fetch toy and headed for the lake too.  Half way there she found the FG – sniffing bushes. She grabbed his line and headed toward the lake to find Marvin. They met and my human decided to let the FG go for a swim.  She threw the bumper in the water and the retriever wannabe swam out to get it.  And he came back.  But slowly.  My human tossed the toy again, and once more the FG came back – after a few stops to drop the toy in the water and to stare at it.  And it was at that point that my human’s common sense went out the window.  She reluctantly threw the toy a third time.  And that’s when the FG decided that freestyle swimming away from shore was much more fun. Off he headed – leaving my human and Marvin on shore to watch in dismay.  Thankfully he turned around at one point and headed back to shore.  BUT he then discovered Paxton’s rock.  It’s a large rock below the surface about 20 feet from shore.  It’s the rock that Paxton would wade out to, to avoid us PONs.  He didn’t like to swim.  Just to sit on that safe rock.  And now the FG found it. And he sat on it and wouldn’t move.  And all the coaxing, begging and acrobatics by my human and Marvin on the shore could NOT get him to move.  They even pretended to leave him there – and started walking on the trail back to the house.  And the FG just sat there. My human whistled.  And clapped.  And the FG wouldn’t move.  FINALLY she tossed a stitck close to shore and he came in close to grab it.  But as soon as he realized her plan to grab his long line – he started heading back out away from the shore.  It was at that point that my human had had enough.  She jumped in, shoes and all and made a lunge for the line. Luckily she grabbed it. The fetch toy was still floating off shore, but she didn’t care.  The FG was marched back to the house. 

So Marvin got to witness the good Picard.  And the regular Picard.  I’m thinking he will be very happy to see his docile, well behaved Saint Bernard when he gets home today.  Mind you, he does have a boxer puppy too…

Now.  For those we were wondering if my human and Marvin were “an item” – I hate to disappoint, but no, they are NOT.  Marvin, in fact, has a spouse who couldn’t come to visit because of work, but who agreed that Marvin should come up – as he and my human have been colleagues for many years.  But having Marvin here has been great fun- and it got me thinking that maybe it’s time my human should get back into dating.  It’s been a few years since the Hulk (remember the guy who we nearly dragged into a ditch while we were being dive bombed by a duck?). Anyway, I’m not really sure whatever happened there- my take is that he had lots of other “stuff” in his life, and so a long distance relationship with us just didn’t work out.  Pity.  He was a real pushover, er… softy when it came to us dogs. We went through more biscuits in a week while he was here than my human gives us in a month.  

Apparently Facebook is going to start a dating service. Could be interesting.  One thing I know for sure,  ANY potential date would HAVE to like dogs.  A LOT.  And let’s face it, we are not just any dogs. This could make for  some VERY interesting blogs….

Today we are having company for dinner.  We have been instructed to be on our best behavior. Whatever that means.  My human said some very nice humans are coming….and they are bringing their dog!  A Picard!   Stay tuned….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 84

More sitter drama.

Day 3. My human got a text from a neighbor yesterday.  The dog sitter locked herself out of the house.  At least that’s the story that is being told.  The truth?  We locked her out.  Just for fun. But not to worry – the neighbor had a key to the house. 
And honestly, it’s not because we don’t like her.  We are just making a point because we heard a rumor.  We HEARD that my human stopped at some place called the Gaelic College.  They have all kinds of Scottish things there – AND they specialize in tartans.  They have material for probably almost every tartan ever created. Or they can get it.  Probably from Tartans R Us.   And they, of course sell tartan things in the gift shop.  Like scarves, ties, shawls and of course, kilts.  But GUESS what else they had.  Oh happiest of days.  Dog scarves. And because there is no MacViktor or MacFrodo and she didn’t see a McElroy, she reportedly decided that we should have provincial tartans.  So Nova Scotia has a tartan – and so does Cape Breton – AND so does Quebec – the FG’s birthplace. They had actually run out of Cape Breton scarves and Quebec scarves – but oh-so-lucky for us – they MADE them while my human waited. 

Now giving attire to us dogs is like giving a 5 year old clothing instead of a toy for Christmas.  Seriously.  She had better stop at our pet store and bring us some GOOD treats.  She gets home today.   
Wonder if this sitter will ever come back….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 82

Bad feeling

Day 2.  Dog sitter still here.  Hasn’t left us yet.

Remember how we asked – (or was it “demanded” ) guilt gifts while my human is away?   Some nice edible sounvenirs of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia were what we had in mind.
She sent me this photo.  We are not getting a good feeling…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 81

She’s leaving us

We are being abandoned.  Somebody call Animal Control.  OK.  That is not exactly true. We are actually about to begin a three day party. My human and Marvin are leaving us to visit another area of the province- Cape Breton.  Remember when Einstein and I got to go there LAST year? Well THIS year we didn’t get to go.  My human said she couldn’t find rooms that take dogs.  I think she lied. 

But don’t worry.  We like the dog sitter.  Remember we met her a few weeks ago?  We passed her interview.  Wonder if the fact that my human offered danger pay had anything to do with it?
All I know is that there better be some guilt gifts.  She actually bought us some new chew toys the other day.  But I hope she’s not thinking that is enough. 
I hear they make amazing human Oat Cakes in Cape Breton. We’ll take those – even though they are made for humans.  Just saying.
Well, time to work on some sitter training.  Good thing that treat jar is full….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 79