More good behavior. No joke.

Guess what we did yesterday?  All three of us canines got to go for a run on the golf course.  TOGETHER.  As you know, handling the three of us off leash is actually a death wish for my human when she’s on her own.  She can barely manage the three of us on leash to get us to the course and then rounding us up after is something she was just too afraid to attempt.  She typically walks me and Einstein first each morning and then does a second walk with the FG on his own.  But with our buddy Marvin visiting ( not his real name – his name has been changed to protect the innocent), my human has an extra set of hands to help out.  Not to mention the fact that Einstein’s good morning wake up song probably woke him up. 

Not only did we all run off leash, we all came when called. Really.  This isn’t an April Fools joke.  Yup we came back.  Well -OK there WAS this SMALL incident with a bunny…. Where we ALL took off like we were shot out of a canon.  I led the chase, followed by Einstein and the FG who didn’t even know why he was running.  We all disappeared into the woods.  Of course the first one who returned was Einstein.  He didn’t want sticks and mud in HIS coat. Then after another minute, the FG emerged.  Looking like he wasn’t even sure what had just transpired. They waited for me to come out.  And waited.  And called.  But you know me and bunnies. I haven’t had a good chase in AGES. They continued with the walk and it was a few minutes later that yours truly emerged from the woods sporting some lovely sticks in my coat.  My human just gave me “the look.”
Otherwise, the walk was pleasant and uneventful.  No goose poop eating, and no swimming in any swampy areas.  All was right with the world.  And our walk was early enough that we beat the heat.  Yesterday was another scorcher.
Today I see my human has her SUITCASE out.   Now WHAT could that be about?!
Stay tuned.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  78

Our company

Well our company arrived.  He is an old colleague and friend of my human’s- and his family let him escape for a week to visit the wilds of Nova Scotia.  And when I say “wilds” I’m not just referring coming to our house. 

When he arrived, we were surprisingly well behaved. Sure we did the olfactory exam and Einstein sang the welcome song- with repeated verses- but overall we didn’t go too crazy. It might be because he is owned by two dogs at home – a Saint Bernard and a Boxer puppy- so he knows a bit about dog behavior.  He knew how to prepare himself against the FG’s attempts to use him as a springboard, and he also knows how to wrestle with us without getting a bloody nose.  He’s no dog novice.
Also unlike other novice dog visitors, he knows not to ply us with treats. Clearly he is not going to be so easy to train. 
At one point, the FG did attempt to remodel our guests’s sandal. But my human saw the attempt and reminded him that we do not eat the clothing of guests.  So I guess that means we can only eat hers.
So our first impression of our guest was good – and we think he probably had a good first impression of us.  Let’s see how long we can keep up the good behavior act…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days : 77

The Web

August 6. And on this day in 1991, a guy by the name of Tim Berners-Lee announced his idea for something called the World Wide Web. Kind of a clever idea…

Today the Web is an incredible source of information.  It’s kind of like having a library, a bank, a shopping mall, a movie theatre, a doctor’s office, a sports stadium and a news source at your finger tips.  All the time.  It’s like an ever changing and growing encyclopedia of the world.  And of course, a huge communication tool. 
Want to figure out why your dog is shaking his head?  Go to a reputable vet site on the Web and you can probably get an idea about what the problem is.  That is NOT to say you should play veterinarian- but at 2AM it might make you feel better until you can get in to see your vet.  It’s a relief to know your dog’s ears won’t fall off.
Want to find out how to tackle some canine behavioral issue.? Again there are lots of good sites on the Web.  I support those that use treats.  Lots of treats.
Want to know where you can buy the latest instruments of torture aka grooming supplies?  Check out the Web.  In fact you can shop for any dog related items in the Web.  And here’s a cool site that reviews products: 
For people trying to adopt a rescue, there are plenty of good sites. You also have dog clubs, breed clubs and dog charities. 
Where would we be without this thing called the Web?  Your probably wouldn’t be reading a blog by a PON in Nova Scotia!  Thanks Tim BL for a pretty darn good idea.  Wish I would have thought of it.  Mind you, I’m not a computer engineer…
Today our company arrives.  Thank goodness- the cleaning frenzy is over.  Now.  We just need to train our guest about how much we like treats.  It is going to be a busy week.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 76

The FG is growing up

I think my puppy is growing up.  That’s right.  Something has happened to the FG. He is actually starting to behave like a mature dog.  Mind you, Einstein and I are technically mature, so I guess this isn’t an issue of age.  But something has happened to him…

On Friday morning, my human and Jackson ‘s human agreed to go for a walk.  Einstein and I had gone with them the other day – the green feet day-,so this time it was the FG’s turn.  My human prepared herself – she got his long line, a pocketful of treats and his fetch toy.  She also put on her body armor.  Just kidding.  About the treats.  Everybody knows the Picky Picard is not exactly a treat hound.
As they walked up the road, the FG spotted Jackson coming out of the fog.  And in typical FG fashion, he turned himself inside out.  It was everything my human could do to hold onto him. My human had visions of Labrador tail tufts being ripped out.  She held on tight until they got to the golf course.   Then she said a short prayer and let go of the long line.  He raced over to Jackson, gave him the customary olfactory exam and then did something that shocked my human.  He came back to her.  He stood waiting for her to throw his fetch toy.  She did and he raced out to get it .  He came back 3/4 of the way, plopped down and waited for my human to come over and throw it again.  She is an excellent retriever. 
Anyway, the point is, the FG wanted to play with my human.  Sure he was happy to see Jackson, but he was much more interested in my human.  And he never took off.  He swam and retrieved the fetch toy numerous times.
While some of you might be saying, “that’s no big deal” – I assure you, it IS.
Yesterday when my human’s sister came for a visit and we all bolted out the door, ordinarily an escape move like that would mean 20 minutes of trying the catch the FG.   He ran around the parked car, my human called to him and he raced back into the house.   Another shocking move.
I think the FG is truly starting to settle down.  If he starts liking treats, I could be in real trouble!
Yesterday was put-the-house-back-in-order-after-painting day.  Pretty boring stuff to us dogs.  Not that we REALLY wanted to do much – it was too hot and muggy.  I can’t remember heat like this is my lifetime. I don’t think I really like it.
Hopefully today will be a bit better.  Paws crossed.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 75

The Saturday Evening Post

August 4. On this day in 1821, the Saturday Evening Post was first published as a weekly paper. Norman Rockwell was an artist who painted many many covers for the Post.  His realistic depictions of every day life are still admired and loved by many.

Rockwell was a dog lover, and dogs frequently appeared on his covers.  Here’s a site that shows you just a few examples:
Here’s another page with dogs with jobs:
I’m not sure if he ever painted a Picard or a PON. I have more research to do on that!
Well the painting is DONE.  Looks the same to us dogs but apparently it is very different. Yippee. That was said with a sarcastic tone…
So now the latest news – we are getting company on Monday.  A good friend of my human’s is coming from Washington, DC to stay with us for over a week!!!!! And no.  It is not Donald Trump.  Mind you, I did say a “friend.”
No doubt the next 48 hours will involve more cleaning. How is it humans can overlook dust bunnies when they live with them, but get company and the house is cleaned so much it could be a surgical suite. Humans.
Well time to get my human moving for her walk.  I’ll tell you about her walk with the FG the other morning.  It seems my baby brother is really starting to grow up…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 74

Painting. Yuck.

Painting.  A new word that in my dog vocabulary is equivalent to “grooming.”  Why?  Because we were sequestered away from the action for HOURS.  Well we started off on the deck where we could actually SEE what was going on, but then Einstein put his head through the screen door to attempt to get a better look inside. I don’t mean around the screen.  I mean through.  That was it.  We were all marched downstairs where we stayed throughout the ENTIRE process. Einstein continually barked out his protest, but my human threatened him with the squirt gun so he settled down.  For a little while anyway. 

Then after they were done, we STILL were not allowed upstairs for about two hours.  We were NOT impressed. Oh and it gets worse.  That was the first coat.  They do it all over again today.
When they were about 1/3 through my human apparently began to panic.  She though she picked the wrong color.  But THANKFULLY, once it dried she loved it. 
As for us dogs, it looks fine to us. Paint colors are not REALLY our thing.  Mind you, my human should have to spend less time cleaning walls – because this is darker color.  Perfect.  More time for walks and games of fetch.
And she can make up for all the time we spent in solitary.  Together.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 73

Not fair

6 pocketfuls.  It is just not fair.  That’s what Einstein got yesterday.  6 pocketfuls of kibble. And why?  Because he had to be groomed. And me?  A lousy 2 pocketfuls.  I’m telling you it is just not fair.

My human’s mother always used to say “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you know you can do today.”  Good advice- especially when it comes to grooming PONs.  We have been overdue for a grooming for about two weeks.  My human was working long hours, so by the time she got home, she was too tired and hot to do it.
Well now that she is on vacation, she has no excuse.  I was the first victim.  But as you know, I am very good during grooming.  My biggest talent. And because I am so good, I don’t need CONSTANT rewards to stay still on the table.  Unlike Einstein.  My human took him out to the grooming torture palace aka garage yesterday morning and opened the garage door.  So they would have plenty of fresh air.  She even came in the house and took out a fan to blow right on the grooming table. But you know the drama king.  He would go into a dramatic panting routine every time she started brushing him.  So she would stop and reward him for his agony.  Does anybody else see a problem here?!  Of course as SOON as she stopped bushing, the panting stoppped.  He managed to fake his pain through 6 pocketfuls of kibble.  He has her so well trained.
Meanwhile, the FG has QUICKLY learned that if he goes for a walk on the golf course in the evening, at just the right time, the chef will come out and give him some chicken.  Now he PULLS toward the kitchen door whenever he goes up there.  And heaven forbid the timing isn’t right, my human has to practically drag him home.
Ah yes.  Training dogs and humans.  What an interesting phenomenon…
Paint day today.  Stay tuned for more adventures…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 72


So here’s an interesting fact.  Ask people what their dog’s feet smell like, and most will respond with the same description- corn chips.  Yup – apparently many people think their dogs have Frito feet.  Supposedly, the smell comes from bacteria that we pick up on the ground and which mixes with sweat between our pads.  It’s not unusual- but if it gets particularly smelly and we are continually licking at our feet, a trip to the Vet might be in order. Trimming hair between our pads can be helpful – but it still can be problematic at times.

Yesterday, Einstein and I had different feet problems.  I called our problem Emerald paws.  You see, when we went for our early morning walk, we met Jackson aka Pig Pen and his human.  They were headed up to the golf course before it opened.  We were happy to run off leash – although I was almost put back on when I discovered some goose poop.  My human convinced me to keep moving.
Anyway, the grass on the course was damp from the morning dew.  And they had just mowed….
After a nice long romp, my human looked at us and realized we had a problem.  Green feet.  Eight emerald colored fuzzy PON feet.  Of course PigPen, the Lab had no problem- he’s black in color, his feet are not fuzzy and besides, he swam in EVERY pond and puddle we passed.  
When we got home, we were each whisked into the garage and the tub.  But let me tell you, wet grass does not easily come out of wet PON fuzz.  Great fun.  Remind me to stay on the cart paths from now on!
Tomorrow begins the painting of the dining room and kitchen.  So that means the furniture gets moved around today.  Can’t WAIT to see what is under that sideboard…
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 71

Mr. Phelps

I’ve talked before about the fact that we PONs are not particularly fond of the water.  And then we have the FG who loves it.  In fact loves it so much. He started to scare my human.

Sunday night we were feeling pretty hot.  So after hanging out on the deck for a while, my human decided to take all of us on the trail to the lake.  She let us PONs run free and let the FG run free but on a long line.   He got down to the lake and in he went without giving it a second thought.  My human tossed him a stick which of course he refused to bring back.  Well he would start back with it and then drop it 3 feet from shore. She tossed a few more- with the same results.  Meanwhile the Polish Lowland grazing dogs were munching on grass and watching the entertainment. 
Now usually the FG wades in the water and sometimes goes out to get a stick and has to swim.  So he doesn’t swim for long.  But the other night, something happened.  He started swimming.  Just to swim.  And the next thing my human knew, he was headed away from the shore.  Toward the wide open seas.  OK.  Not the seas.  But toward the middle of the lake.  Which is not close. So my human – who was wearing rubber boots, started calling him.  And he kept swimming.  Away.  So she got in the water with her rubber boots.  I’m not sure why she was even WEARING rubber boots and why she didn’t just take them off and wade in – but she was concentrating on the swimming Picard and wasn’t thinking straight.  Anyway, she called in her sweet, fake “Oh come here little puppy”voice and it worked.  Mr. Phelps-wannabe turned around and headed back to shore.  She cautiously approached him in the water – and grabbed his collar – because the not-so-helpful long line had sunk and was ho longer visible!  She breathed a sigh of relief and he just looked at her as if to say “seriously woman – can’t a guy just go for a swim.  It’s not like we have sharks in our lake.”
Meanwhile, the grazing PONs were suitably full – so we got to race back to the house, watching the wet Picard repeatedly stop to wipe his face in a tree trunk. He is a never ending source of amazement.
Well, I THINK my human is finished with work now until September.  Although she mumbled about some ethics reviews she forgot to do – so she MAY have to do a bit of work today. But at least she’ll be home.  Let the staycation begin!!!
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 70!!!!!