Our company

Well our company arrived.  He is an old colleague and friend of my human’s- and his family let him escape for a week to visit the wilds of Nova Scotia.  And when I say “wilds” I’m not just referring coming to our house. 

When he arrived, we were surprisingly well behaved. Sure we did the olfactory exam and Einstein sang the welcome song- with repeated verses- but overall we didn’t go too crazy. It might be because he is owned by two dogs at home – a Saint Bernard and a Boxer puppy- so he knows a bit about dog behavior.  He knew how to prepare himself against the FG’s attempts to use him as a springboard, and he also knows how to wrestle with us without getting a bloody nose.  He’s no dog novice.
Also unlike other novice dog visitors, he knows not to ply us with treats. Clearly he is not going to be so easy to train. 
At one point, the FG did attempt to remodel our guests’s sandal. But my human saw the attempt and reminded him that we do not eat the clothing of guests.  So I guess that means we can only eat hers.
So our first impression of our guest was good – and we think he probably had a good first impression of us.  Let’s see how long we can keep up the good behavior act…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days : 77

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