More good behavior. No joke.

Guess what we did yesterday?  All three of us canines got to go for a run on the golf course.  TOGETHER.  As you know, handling the three of us off leash is actually a death wish for my human when she’s on her own.  She can barely manage the three of us on leash to get us to the course and then rounding us up after is something she was just too afraid to attempt.  She typically walks me and Einstein first each morning and then does a second walk with the FG on his own.  But with our buddy Marvin visiting ( not his real name – his name has been changed to protect the innocent), my human has an extra set of hands to help out.  Not to mention the fact that Einstein’s good morning wake up song probably woke him up. 

Not only did we all run off leash, we all came when called. Really.  This isn’t an April Fools joke.  Yup we came back.  Well -OK there WAS this SMALL incident with a bunny…. Where we ALL took off like we were shot out of a canon.  I led the chase, followed by Einstein and the FG who didn’t even know why he was running.  We all disappeared into the woods.  Of course the first one who returned was Einstein.  He didn’t want sticks and mud in HIS coat. Then after another minute, the FG emerged.  Looking like he wasn’t even sure what had just transpired. They waited for me to come out.  And waited.  And called.  But you know me and bunnies. I haven’t had a good chase in AGES. They continued with the walk and it was a few minutes later that yours truly emerged from the woods sporting some lovely sticks in my coat.  My human just gave me “the look.”
Otherwise, the walk was pleasant and uneventful.  No goose poop eating, and no swimming in any swampy areas.  All was right with the world.  And our walk was early enough that we beat the heat.  Yesterday was another scorcher.
Today I see my human has her SUITCASE out.   Now WHAT could that be about?!
Stay tuned.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  78

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