The Saturday Evening Post

August 4. On this day in 1821, the Saturday Evening Post was first published as a weekly paper. Norman Rockwell was an artist who painted many many covers for the Post.  His realistic depictions of every day life are still admired and loved by many.

Rockwell was a dog lover, and dogs frequently appeared on his covers.  Here’s a site that shows you just a few examples:
Here’s another page with dogs with jobs:
I’m not sure if he ever painted a Picard or a PON. I have more research to do on that!
Well the painting is DONE.  Looks the same to us dogs but apparently it is very different. Yippee. That was said with a sarcastic tone…
So now the latest news – we are getting company on Monday.  A good friend of my human’s is coming from Washington, DC to stay with us for over a week!!!!! And no.  It is not Donald Trump.  Mind you, I did say a “friend.”
No doubt the next 48 hours will involve more cleaning. How is it humans can overlook dust bunnies when they live with them, but get company and the house is cleaned so much it could be a surgical suite. Humans.
Well time to get my human moving for her walk.  I’ll tell you about her walk with the FG the other morning.  It seems my baby brother is really starting to grow up…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 74

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