Not fair

6 pocketfuls.  It is just not fair.  That’s what Einstein got yesterday.  6 pocketfuls of kibble. And why?  Because he had to be groomed. And me?  A lousy 2 pocketfuls.  I’m telling you it is just not fair.

My human’s mother always used to say “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you know you can do today.”  Good advice- especially when it comes to grooming PONs.  We have been overdue for a grooming for about two weeks.  My human was working long hours, so by the time she got home, she was too tired and hot to do it.
Well now that she is on vacation, she has no excuse.  I was the first victim.  But as you know, I am very good during grooming.  My biggest talent. And because I am so good, I don’t need CONSTANT rewards to stay still on the table.  Unlike Einstein.  My human took him out to the grooming torture palace aka garage yesterday morning and opened the garage door.  So they would have plenty of fresh air.  She even came in the house and took out a fan to blow right on the grooming table. But you know the drama king.  He would go into a dramatic panting routine every time she started brushing him.  So she would stop and reward him for his agony.  Does anybody else see a problem here?!  Of course as SOON as she stopped bushing, the panting stoppped.  He managed to fake his pain through 6 pocketfuls of kibble.  He has her so well trained.
Meanwhile, the FG has QUICKLY learned that if he goes for a walk on the golf course in the evening, at just the right time, the chef will come out and give him some chicken.  Now he PULLS toward the kitchen door whenever he goes up there.  And heaven forbid the timing isn’t right, my human has to practically drag him home.
Ah yes.  Training dogs and humans.  What an interesting phenomenon…
Paint day today.  Stay tuned for more adventures…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 72

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