Walks. And the Vet.

So yesterday I went to the Vet…

As all of you regular readers know, my seizures have been under good control for almost 3 months.  However…. my human noticed in the past few weeks that I have been showing some signs of rear end wobbles.  Now whenever I started on new meds, I always showed these signs.  But nothing is new.  So she wondered about it.  Was it due to the temperatures we have had – and could it possibly affect the way I metabolize my medications?  She also discovered two bumps on me – which she figured were cysts, but she thought we should get them checked.
As usual, I was the PERFECT patient.  The Vet actually said that if all her patients were as well behaved as me, her job would be very easy.  She isn’t worried about the cysts- she said they appear to be harmless.  I do have a broken molar – which we will keep an eye on.  So much for antlers in this house…
The Vet examined me thoroughly and felt I had weakness in one rear leg.  I have no joint issues, and I am not painful- but one leg is definitely weaker than the other.  We will watch to see if it gets worse.
Otherwise, my blood work was substantially better than earlier in the year.  And we have decided to try and wean me off one of my seizure meds – so that is good. 
So.  All in all good news –  and also some things to watch.  I quite enjoy going to the Vet – the treats are awesome.
Because we had a morning Vet appointment, my human decide to take all three of us on our morning walk.  To the golf course.   Together.  I’m not kidding.
Let’s just say she has no plans to do that again any time soon.  How does one describe spinning barking dogs with twisted leashes while the human is attempting to pick up poop – and remain upright.  I believe the word is CHAOS.  She just kept mumbling “Why did I do this?  What was I thinking?  Why did I do this?” We all made it home in one piece.  Barely.
Today we have no plans. We have rain in the forecast, so we PONs would be quite happy to stay indoors.  The FG can go for a long walk – that’s fine with us.
My human may actually read a book today.  Whatever that means.  As long as it’s not about dog training…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 88

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