The dating profile.

My human has yet to start that dating profile.  So I think I’ll get it started for her.  Here we go:

Older woman.  More than a half century old.  Still showing effects of eating too much Halloween candy two years ago.  But working on it.

Have a job. It’s rewarding. Have not been fired yet.

Can cook.  Love to do laundry and wash the kitchen floor. ( I’ll just put that in to see if they are really reading this thing).

Like to travel.  Like to collect sea glass.  Like to write.  Like to take pictures.  Like to paint.  Like to hike.  Like to bike.  And REALLY like dogs.  Which brings me to a warning….

Most importantly, any potential dates must LOVE, ADORE and CHERISH dogs.  Must also have the patience of Job and a HUGE sense of humor.  Currently owned by three PERFECT canines.  An 8 year old genius, a 6 year old writer with special needs and a 2 year old clown.  

Potential dates must know how to bake dog biscuits.  Dates must know how to throw a fetch toy and should not be alarmed with dog hair on pants, in vehicles or occasionally in food.   Must also feel comfortable with picking up dog poop.  Multiple times if you are walking the genius dog.  Grooming skills not necessary.  Must be willing to feed dogs at any time of the night or day when they request food.  ( I bet she is going to take out that part.)
OK… it’s a start.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  I haven’t gotten to the part about the screening process we dogs will carry out.  
Oh this is going to be such fun….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days:  87

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