A lazy day

Well yesterday was a pretty lazy day in this household.  After all the excitement of having company the night before, we canines were pretty pooped out – and my human also decided to have an easy day.  We still of course did our morning walks – and we got to go with Pig Pen and his human.  I just don’t get the whole water and mud thing with him.  To each his own.

My human said we are all in desperate need of a good grooming, but yesterday was pretty warm and muggy – so she didn’t attempt it.  She DID attempt to take a few photos with the Sou’wester souvenir hat she bought for us while she was away.  Let’s just say that the photo shoot was less than successful. I kept moving my head back so the hat wasn’t visible in the photos – or it kept falling over my eyes.  Einstein was a bit more cooperative, but even the best shots were not all that exciting.  She didn’t even ATTEMPT to try it with the FG.  We have yet to model our tartan scarves.  I can hardly wait….

Last night my human and the FG found themselves in a bit of a “situation.”  You see, they like to go up to the golf course at the end of the night, and they walk the first couple of holes – as no one starts golfing so late.  Last night they actually went up a bit earlier than they usually do – because we had some thick evening fog – and it was darker than usual.  They walked the first hole and stopped to take some fog dog photos. They heard people on some holes further on, and turned around to go back home.  They came around the corner and low and behold, somebody was teeing off on the hole they had just walked down.   Uh-oh.  My human is super conscious about never being in the way – that’s why we only go up early in the morning before the course opens, or at the end of the night when everyone is done.  I might add that we never leave a TRACE of having been there – she always picks up any “deposits” even if they are not in a place that someone is likely to walk.  So now they try to cut back across another fairway.  And more people are coming out of the fog. They ended up darting back and forth like two thieves in the night.  The short walk ended up being much longer than they expected.  
And speaking of long walks, my human is having a bit of an ankle problem- and she should probably go to see her doctor.  Based on her internet medical degree, she figures she has some tendonitis in her ankle – and it keeps swelling up.  It’s fine in the morning – well it’s better in the morning, but as the day wears on it gets worse.  She should probably be icing it and keeping it elevated, but seriously, how does someone with three dogs stay off their feet?! It is a bit of a dilemma.
Maybe we’ll let her relax again today.  Maybe…
Perhaps I can help her work on that dating profile….
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 86

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