News stuff

Yo. Blog people. Elroy here today for your reading pleasure. I’ve been pretty quiet lately, letting the mops do all this blog stuff. Personally, I’d rather stand on the deck, stare off into the woods, and boof. At the wind. At birds. And sometimes just because I can. For no particular reason.

So we had rain on Sunday which washed away most the snow. But not to worry – we had a DEEP freeze last night, so now we have ice where there were puddles. Great for sliding.

Otherwise, not much new. So I decided to check out the news of dogs around the world. I found three cool stories.

This first one is a story about a lost dog reuniting with his owner. Check out the video and just TRY not to cry:

And if ya think that story wasn’t a good enough reuniting story – check out this story about a dog who was lost for 4 months! Can you imagine what the mops would look like after 4 months in the wild? The shark can look like something that’s been clogging the hose of the vacuum after he’s been rolling around outside for 10 minutes. Imagine 4 months…

Now here’s a story about how dogs make sure the “show must go on.” Dogs at rock concerts. Who’d ever believe it! I bet I could do this. I mean my nose stays glued to ground most of the time, and I can decipher what animal has been by, and what they had for breakfast and when they had their last bath. Wonder if these dogs get to stay for the concert… I’m not sure I’m a Metallica kinda guy. More like James Taylor.

So there ya go – a couple of stories to remind you just how great we dogs are. But then you already knew that. Peace.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Shock it to ya

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here for your Sunday funnies. Did you know that today is National Static Electricity Day? Me either. Who thinks these things up?

Anyway – more on the shocking holiday in a minute.

So. On Friday we had a snow day. So no class. It started out as a rainy day and eventually turned to snow, then a bit more rain and then snow overnight. As a result of the lousy weather, the Warden did something she rarely does – she binge watched some TV show on Petflix. Wait. There were no animals in the show. Oh – the Boss said it’s Netflix. No wonder we were bored. Anyway, the show was some kind of murder mystery thing. Initially, she attempted to watch it in the rec room with all of us. Unfortunately, my continual attempts to steal pillows from the sofa, lick the Boss’s head, wrestle with the Coyote and jump on and off the sofa resulted in all of us going upstairs- and the Warden sequestered herself in the DFZ and watched the series on her iPad. We asked to go out about 138 times- just to make sure she was still alive on the sofa. After supper she proclaimed that she just had two more episodes to watch. It was getting to the good parts. You know the scene- when the main character goes down into a dark tunnel with a little flashlight and the spooky music is playing in the background. And the person watching is sitting on the edge of their seat because they know something will happen, but they don’t know when. And they’re kinda holding their breath…And it was exactly at that very point that yours truly let out one sudden big BOOF. Well. I think the Warden jumped two feet off the sofa. She just looked at me. I smiled.

So yesterday, I think in an attempt to pay me back, she tried to get a photo of yours truly with static hair – for the “holiday.” But she had no balloons. Which would have made the process so much easier. She tried freshly dried towels and a blanket – and while they offered a a few shocks, my hair didn’t really cooperate. Plus I was not a willing static experiment participant. I was rolling in the blanket. Tugging the towels. Basically discharging all the static. The photo you see is her best attempt. Not so great. Not much different from my normal bed head.

BUT – we did find a video to celebrate this auspicious occasion. It’s pretty funny.

Well it’s almost time for my morning run. I hope your day is shockingly wonderful!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Not much new

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy the snowman Wormy here today on what is supposed to be a REAL winter storm day. But I’m not so sure I always believe those weather people. We’re supposed to get snow and wind, but also maybe rain. Anyway, I have my regular class booked for today- but who knows if we’ll be going, if the weather is really bad. Hey maybe we could ZOOM the teacher! On second thought, that would be pretty crazy. The other two guys would have to be sequestered, and we KNOW how much the Boss likes that. Not.

Speaking of the Boss, he and I had major brush-a-thons the past few days. While Sue and Keith were here, the Warden used harnesses when we went out on our morning pack runs. We tend to pull slightly less when wearing a harness for some reason, and she didn’t want our company being pulled down the road. BUT – there is a BIG problem with PONs and harnesses. Fuzzikies. That’s the tangly hair that forms in uncomfortable spots on your body – and they are the precursors to mats. Well. After a week of harness-wearing (just while on walks), the Boss and I were full of fuzzikies. The Coyote has this coarse kinda steel wool coat, so he doesn’t really get bad fuzzikies. Lucky him. I had to undergo 2 hours of brushing and the Boss endured 1.5 hours. It was a fuzziky frenzy. It took place over two days. The Warden couldn’t suffer through it all at once.

What else is new? Oh. Hey. I forgot this old bit of news. Seems there’s a new DOTUS. Yup- the White House has a new canine resident – a purebred German Shepherd puppy by the name of Commander. He’s pretty cute – but really, his name doesn’t follow the one or two syllable rule. Three syllables are too many. Plus if they shorten it to Come, they’ll be saying “Come Come.” Sounds redundant. And Commie isn’t likely politically correct. Anyway, he’s a cute dude.

As you may recall, two other dogs started off in the White House last year. There was Champ, who sadly went to the Rainbow Bridge because he was an old fella and his job was done. And the other guy was Major – the White House’s first rescue. He’s now living “elsewhere” after a couple of “incidents” where he “nibbled” at some White House staff. Seems he wasn’t suited to living in a big busy house with lots of people. He must have had “issues” if they couldn’t train him there. I mean ya think they would maybe have access to the best trainers out there. Anyway, he’s “happily” living elsewhere.

Well, time to get out before the snow gets too deep and I can’t walk because of the snowballs in my private areas. Ten bucks says the Boss poops 20’ from the front door. The Coyote? He’ll just stand and stare at the flakes as they’re coming down. Like he’s counting them.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

They’re gone

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here. Well the party is over. No more free range pre-breakfast pack runs. Our guests have left. They tried to sneak out super early yesterday morning but we were already up and knew the celebration was over when we spotted the suitcases. When we went out to do our morning “business” the Warden announced “one at a time.” Back to reality.

We really enjoyed having them AND those morning runs. Our last one was particularly enjoyable as we were ALL free. And the ground was hard and frozen. Which means the Boss didn’t have to walk the death march. The Coyote and I wore bells – but, of course the good dog was bell-free. In typical independent Coyote-style, the Picard frequently stayed at the farthest range possible. He also made attempts to drink from every mud puddle he comes across. Which drives the Warden NUTS. He has a perfectly full clean water bowl at home – but it seems he likes the taste of dirt. Go figure.

So our guests made it back home and met with some snow. Better them than us. Mind you, I hear we may get some on Friday. Followed by rain on Monday…

So what’s new in the world of dog news? Oh yes- the AKC has just added two new breeds to their roster. One is the Russian toy and the other is the mudi (pronounced like the cranky emotion and not something that is dirt covered). The Russian toy is little. I guess that’s why he is a toy. They came from English terriers and were supposed to be fans of Russian elites back in the 18th century. They’re supposed to be spunky. And lively and they weigh no more than 6.5 lbs. I eat more than that in a day. Or I’d like to.

The mudi comes from Hungary and they are shaggy sheepdogs. But they don’t look like PONs. They have prick ears. Kinda like Picard ears but not really. Google ‘em. Here’s the thing. You should never say “oh that breed looks like this breed.” Because oooo-eee, people who own that breed are pretty quick to point out the differences. Humans are pretty protective of their breeds. And how they look. When the Warden got her first Bernese (way before they were as popular as they are today) people would ask if he was a Saint Bernard. If he wasn’t behaving, she said “yes.” Sometimes I’m a mini Old English Sheepdog….

The article I read said the Mudi or Mudik if you have more than one, can herd sheep, hunt boar and snag rats. I’d like to try the sheep part, and I do chase bunnies and squirrels ( but I never catch them) , but skip the boar part. Sounds dangerous. Go Mudi.

Well, time to get ready for my solo stroll. Gonna be pretty quiet without three people shouting at three dogs.

Hope they come back soon.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Joyful New Year salutations blog readers. It is Frodo here today for your reading pleasure. Allow me to share the latest mundane news from our happy abode.

Our wonderful guests will be with us for one more day. It has been very enjoyable sharing their company and their additional hands which allow all of us canines to do our morning constitutional together. That being said, yours truly has gone rather begrudgingly on our walks the last two mornings. Why you might ask? The weather my friends. The warm, rainy, foggy, moist weather which has contributed to two things I abhor. Actually, make that three things: puddles, wet grass and mud. The first foggy morning I gingerly approached the driveway, knowing that all roads were going to lead to the grubby trail and golf course. But I went – just to show I am a good sport. Mind you, I was on a leash so did not exactly have a great deal of control over the journey. But the second day, when the fog was so thick one could barely see who was at the end of the leash, I moved as if I was in a funeral procession. I was so slow that Her Highness instructed my captor to let me off leash. I trudged along at a distance behind everyone, surveying the best route to avoid puddles or particularly soggy grass. My pace increased noticeably, and in fact, I was at the head of the cavalcade when I knew we were heading for home. I was almost running.

Meanwhile, the Imp continues to delight, or perhaps a better word is flabbergast our guests. Susan coined a new name for him yesterday- Ninja. It suits him. His rather fast, unpredictable movements are quite the thing to observe. For example, let’s say he has stolen something that does not belong to him – like a mitten. Now his typical move is simply to duck and run away. But should he be cornered, he will drop and roll as one bends over to retrieve the stolen object from his clenched teeth. His quick roll allows him to avoid capture. That lad has quite the moves.

The FG or Coyote, has been allowed to run free several times on our morning walks. If the humans are hoping for a pleasant, worry-free walk, though, he remains tethered. I am the one who spends most time off leash. I believe it’s because I am the most reliable. That being said, one morning I did decide I had had enough of the “togetherness” walk, and I headed off on my own in the opposite direction on the trail. This was BEFORE the wet weather when the trail was frozen and solid – and contained no puddles or mud. My escape caused Keith to go running after me. Which frankly, was no hardship as he is a runner. One look at him coming toward me and I realized I had pushed the freedom walk a bit too much. I returned to the pack.

The Christmas explosion has been taken down and I must say, I’m just as happy to see all those elves gone. Call me a Grinch. I’m fine with that.

Well, it’s time for the last morning group walk. The forecast was calling for colder temperatures, but sunshine so it should be PERFECT conditions for a walk. No soggy grass and no snowballs stuck to my paws. I’m actually looking forward to our journey today.

May your journey today be sunny and non-soggy as well.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Howdy blogaroos!!! I haven’t been with you since last year!!! OK. The Boss just said that was corny. He said it’s an old joke. He should know.

So. Today I’m here to talk about revolutions. I make revolutions one way – and that’s called “spin.” I make revolutions the other way, and we call it “twist.” Wait. The Boss just said it’s RES-olutions. Not REV-olutions. That’s more difficult.

Apparently, two leggeds frequently make resolutions at the beginning of a New Year. And according to some internet sources, after 1 week, 75% of people are still successful in maintaining their resolution. But by six months, the success rate falls to 46%. Hello. If you humans were training us canines, and your success rate was less than 50-50, I THINK you would either step up our training or pick another goal. Seriously.

My resolutions for 2022? Less ricocheting off animate objects. Like humans and other canines. Walls are OK though. I mean a guy just can’t give up ricocheting completely. Setting a goal of no ricocheting is a bit much.

What else? Take the warden on more walks. She needs it.

Watch what I eat. I’ll watch whatever is in my bowl for a nanosecond, and THEN devour it.

Come when called. If there are extraordinary treats.

Listen to what the Warden is telling me to do. Whether I consistently do it, is a good resolution for next year. This year is a first step. I’ll actually listen.

Don’t chew on things like carpets or chairs. During months that don’t end in “y.” It’s a start.

Keep doing my comedic routines which make the Warden laugh – like rolling in the snow, on the side of a hill- so I roll all the way down.

Running 50 times around the dining room table. Just because.

Making funny faces when she wants to take serious photos. Like this one…

Easing up on my hairstyling routines on the Boss and the Coyote. It will give their hair a chance to grow back. Maybe.

I’m pretty excited about my training in 2022, and maybe competing a bit more. I’m still young, so there’s no rush – but I’m thinking this could be a fun year.

We also hope to continue writing about our adventures. We love hearing from you- and hope you’ll continue to give us feedback about how we are doing. We know there’s always room for improvement- that’s why two leggeds do resolutions!

Well, it’s almost time to do our inaugural walk for 2022. Have a wonderful, waggy New Year!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.