They’re gone

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here. Well the party is over. No more free range pre-breakfast pack runs. Our guests have left. They tried to sneak out super early yesterday morning but we were already up and knew the celebration was over when we spotted the suitcases. When we went out to do our morning “business” the Warden announced “one at a time.” Back to reality.

We really enjoyed having them AND those morning runs. Our last one was particularly enjoyable as we were ALL free. And the ground was hard and frozen. Which means the Boss didn’t have to walk the death march. The Coyote and I wore bells – but, of course the good dog was bell-free. In typical independent Coyote-style, the Picard frequently stayed at the farthest range possible. He also made attempts to drink from every mud puddle he comes across. Which drives the Warden NUTS. He has a perfectly full clean water bowl at home – but it seems he likes the taste of dirt. Go figure.

So our guests made it back home and met with some snow. Better them than us. Mind you, I hear we may get some on Friday. Followed by rain on Monday…

So what’s new in the world of dog news? Oh yes- the AKC has just added two new breeds to their roster. One is the Russian toy and the other is the mudi (pronounced like the cranky emotion and not something that is dirt covered). The Russian toy is little. I guess that’s why he is a toy. They came from English terriers and were supposed to be fans of Russian elites back in the 18th century. They’re supposed to be spunky. And lively and they weigh no more than 6.5 lbs. I eat more than that in a day. Or I’d like to.

The mudi comes from Hungary and they are shaggy sheepdogs. But they don’t look like PONs. They have prick ears. Kinda like Picard ears but not really. Google ‘em. Here’s the thing. You should never say “oh that breed looks like this breed.” Because oooo-eee, people who own that breed are pretty quick to point out the differences. Humans are pretty protective of their breeds. And how they look. When the Warden got her first Bernese (way before they were as popular as they are today) people would ask if he was a Saint Bernard. If he wasn’t behaving, she said “yes.” Sometimes I’m a mini Old English Sheepdog….

The article I read said the Mudi or Mudik if you have more than one, can herd sheep, hunt boar and snag rats. I’d like to try the sheep part, and I do chase bunnies and squirrels ( but I never catch them) , but skip the boar part. Sounds dangerous. Go Mudi.

Well, time to get ready for my solo stroll. Gonna be pretty quiet without three people shouting at three dogs.

Hope they come back soon.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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