Joyful New Year salutations blog readers. It is Frodo here today for your reading pleasure. Allow me to share the latest mundane news from our happy abode.

Our wonderful guests will be with us for one more day. It has been very enjoyable sharing their company and their additional hands which allow all of us canines to do our morning constitutional together. That being said, yours truly has gone rather begrudgingly on our walks the last two mornings. Why you might ask? The weather my friends. The warm, rainy, foggy, moist weather which has contributed to two things I abhor. Actually, make that three things: puddles, wet grass and mud. The first foggy morning I gingerly approached the driveway, knowing that all roads were going to lead to the grubby trail and golf course. But I went – just to show I am a good sport. Mind you, I was on a leash so did not exactly have a great deal of control over the journey. But the second day, when the fog was so thick one could barely see who was at the end of the leash, I moved as if I was in a funeral procession. I was so slow that Her Highness instructed my captor to let me off leash. I trudged along at a distance behind everyone, surveying the best route to avoid puddles or particularly soggy grass. My pace increased noticeably, and in fact, I was at the head of the cavalcade when I knew we were heading for home. I was almost running.

Meanwhile, the Imp continues to delight, or perhaps a better word is flabbergast our guests. Susan coined a new name for him yesterday- Ninja. It suits him. His rather fast, unpredictable movements are quite the thing to observe. For example, let’s say he has stolen something that does not belong to him – like a mitten. Now his typical move is simply to duck and run away. But should he be cornered, he will drop and roll as one bends over to retrieve the stolen object from his clenched teeth. His quick roll allows him to avoid capture. That lad has quite the moves.

The FG or Coyote, has been allowed to run free several times on our morning walks. If the humans are hoping for a pleasant, worry-free walk, though, he remains tethered. I am the one who spends most time off leash. I believe it’s because I am the most reliable. That being said, one morning I did decide I had had enough of the “togetherness” walk, and I headed off on my own in the opposite direction on the trail. This was BEFORE the wet weather when the trail was frozen and solid – and contained no puddles or mud. My escape caused Keith to go running after me. Which frankly, was no hardship as he is a runner. One look at him coming toward me and I realized I had pushed the freedom walk a bit too much. I returned to the pack.

The Christmas explosion has been taken down and I must say, I’m just as happy to see all those elves gone. Call me a Grinch. I’m fine with that.

Well, it’s time for the last morning group walk. The forecast was calling for colder temperatures, but sunshine so it should be PERFECT conditions for a walk. No soggy grass and no snowballs stuck to my paws. I’m actually looking forward to our journey today.

May your journey today be sunny and non-soggy as well.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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