Howdy blogaroos!!! I haven’t been with you since last year!!! OK. The Boss just said that was corny. He said it’s an old joke. He should know.

So. Today I’m here to talk about revolutions. I make revolutions one way – and that’s called “spin.” I make revolutions the other way, and we call it “twist.” Wait. The Boss just said it’s RES-olutions. Not REV-olutions. That’s more difficult.

Apparently, two leggeds frequently make resolutions at the beginning of a New Year. And according to some internet sources, after 1 week, 75% of people are still successful in maintaining their resolution. But by six months, the success rate falls to 46%. Hello. If you humans were training us canines, and your success rate was less than 50-50, I THINK you would either step up our training or pick another goal. Seriously.

My resolutions for 2022? Less ricocheting off animate objects. Like humans and other canines. Walls are OK though. I mean a guy just can’t give up ricocheting completely. Setting a goal of no ricocheting is a bit much.

What else? Take the warden on more walks. She needs it.

Watch what I eat. I’ll watch whatever is in my bowl for a nanosecond, and THEN devour it.

Come when called. If there are extraordinary treats.

Listen to what the Warden is telling me to do. Whether I consistently do it, is a good resolution for next year. This year is a first step. I’ll actually listen.

Don’t chew on things like carpets or chairs. During months that don’t end in “y.” It’s a start.

Keep doing my comedic routines which make the Warden laugh – like rolling in the snow, on the side of a hill- so I roll all the way down.

Running 50 times around the dining room table. Just because.

Making funny faces when she wants to take serious photos. Like this one…

Easing up on my hairstyling routines on the Boss and the Coyote. It will give their hair a chance to grow back. Maybe.

I’m pretty excited about my training in 2022, and maybe competing a bit more. I’m still young, so there’s no rush – but I’m thinking this could be a fun year.

We also hope to continue writing about our adventures. We love hearing from you- and hope you’ll continue to give us feedback about how we are doing. We know there’s always room for improvement- that’s why two leggeds do resolutions!

Well, it’s almost time to do our inaugural walk for 2022. Have a wonderful, waggy New Year!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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