Pre New Year

Hey blogaroos. Squirmy here with some pre-New Year’s Eve thoughts. But before I get to those, some updates on the joy of having company!

So here’s the thing. In our usual life, we typically go for walks with one or at most two of us at a time. BUT when one has company- with four hands and you add to that the Warden’s two hands – you get six hands and well, guess what?! All three of us can go for a walk at the SAME time!

So on Tuesday morning, after complete and utter chaos which included much barking, squeaking and jumping just to get our leashes on to get us out the door, we all headed out for a morning constitutional on the golf course. The ground was frozen, the wind was pretty much non- existent- AND the Warden had her pockets STUFFED with treats. The Boss and I were let FREE and we had a wonderful time. We pretty much responded to recall commands with 99% accuracy. Well the Boss did. I was on bunny patrol. Meanwhile, the Coyote who we all know is a flight risk, did his walk on leash. We all had a glorious time.

Yesterday morning, we awoke to find a few inches of snow blanketing the world. We all again headed out for our morning walk, but for some reason, the Warden was feeling frivolous. We got to the golf course, and she instructed her sister to “let him free.” Referring to the Coyote. She figured that IF he took off, there were two canines and three humans to track him down. Literally – because of the snow. And like a scene from one of those lion documentaries where the former zoo resident is released into the wild, the Coyote realized his freedom and promptly took off for the woods. With his sidekick (that would be me) in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, the reliable good dog, stuck with the humans every step of the way. When he wasn’t trying to remove balls of snow on his feet.

My Buddy and I disappeared for what seemed like an hour, but was more like 30 seconds, and then we continued on the walk – with the Coyote at a safe distance. He didn’t want to get too close to the humans for fear of imminent incarceration. Meanwhile, I did return from time to time just to pick up treats.

All in all though, it was a good walk and the humans were able to capture the Coyote at the end and bring him back home. The Boss and I were the first to meet up with the tub and a shower of warm water to release our snowballs. Which had formed in some rather uncomfortable places. It was a perfect morning!

And you know, that got me thinking about the New Year. We all know that the plague has made life…different. It has prevented things from happening and has changed lives in many ways. But I suppose, it has also made us appreciate the little things in life. Like a perfect morning walk. Or a sunny day. Or the love of a dog – who is oblivious to pandemics and is just as happy to spend more time with you.

We dogs wake up in the morning, happy to just be. Happy for a meal. Happy for a treat. Happy for a good belly rub or a butt scratch or an ear massage. Happy to just hang out with the ones we love. We take wonder in butterflies, in smelling something, in rolling in the snow or in simply lying in a sunny spot in the kitchen. Humans DO have complicated lives but sometimes I think they need to just be more dog-like. For even a few minutes a day.

So in the New Year, I wish for you the joy that we dogs feel most of the time. I wish you love, luck and laughter. 2022 is a new chapter in your life. You’re the author. Decide how the story will go.

OK. The boss actually wrote this last part . But he said I could use it. I hope I grow up to be wise like him! See you next year!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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