Day one rocked

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy no-bite Wormy here after Day One with COMPANY! Sue and Keith arrived after some false alarm COVID drama – BUT everybody is good and thankfully they were able to come.

As usual. I did my traditional ricochet greeting, and only tried to bite them a couple of times. Yesterday was a beautiful day, and even though we guys had been out for a couple of short walks, guess who got to go with our guests and the Warden on a HIKE? Yup. ME. Why me? Because they were trying to exhaust me. They walked 5 km, and I probably covered 6, because they let me loose for a brief period, and I covered way more ground running back and forth in the woods. I was on leash for MOST of the walk, just because the Warden didn’t know if we would come across any other hikers. Or dogs. Or wild animals. Like bunnies. I don’t know why she was worried – I was wearing my giant bell – so I would scare away most wild creatures. We did run into a few hikers and one lady said, “ well I could sure hear you coming.”

I got to see a dam and waterfall, and I didn’t drag the Warden into the water. Although I thought about it.

When we got home, the Warden fully expected that I would lie down after my exciting walk. Nope. I wanted to show that I have lots of energy -so I promptly came in the house and ran in circles around the dining room table. The other guys just looked at me.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for today – but I think I’ll start them off with my regular morning walk. That should be an excellent beginning to their day. Mind you, it’s not like they can sleep in with the regular morning serenade by the Boss. The Warden did leave ear plugs in their room…I don’t think they work well enough for that racket.

OK. Gotta go!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


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