Boxing Day

Howdy doody blogaroos! It’s Squirmy here on fighting day! Wait. The Boss said it’s BOXING day. Boxing, fighting… what’s the difference? I hear some humans DO get into fights for all the after Christmas sales. Although I think the after Christmas sales started like December 1st. It’s all so confusing. Humans are like that.

So we had a pretty quiet Christmas. With all the gathering limits lowered here in Nova Scotia because of the plague, the Warden couldn’t join a friend’s family for Christmas dinner – because she would have put them over the limit. But not to worry – they brought her a big plate of Christmas dinner- so she didn’t have to eat my training hot dogs. Thank goodness.

As usual, unlike the words of the popular Christmas carol which says “all is calm” – our household was anything but….

On Christmas Eve morning, the Warden took the Boss and I down to the lake for our morning constitutional. It was cold and windy – so we were protected by the woods. Yours truly was wearing his trusty bell to warn wildlife of my approach. Well, that’s what the Warden says. It’s REALLY so she can hear me when I bolt off in the woods- and she can’t see me. Anyway, we did our jaunt and when we returned, she told the Boss to wait outside. She was going to take him up to the road to get the paper. He’s trustworthy off leash. Me – I’m a wildcard. So she took me in the house , left him out and went to take my bell collar off. At which point, the Boss, who was waiting outside, pushed the unlatched door open to see what was taking so long. So you KNOW what comes next. Open door = escaped Picard.

The Warden watched as the world went into slow motion. She knew it was pointless to call his name. He rarely responds to it. I’m thinking we should change it.

Anyway, he bolted out the door and around the house to the trail that goes to the lake. The Boss and I just stared at the Warden. “GO GET HIM” she shouted. So off I ran, with the Boss trailing me. The Boss kept stopping to look at the Warden as if to say “do we REALLY have to find him?” The Warden caught a glimpse of his tail so she knew what direction he was headed. She was worried because without my bell collar, she didn’t know where I was either. She figured I was chasing the Coyote.

We all ran down to the lake, and then, because she does have moments of brilliance, the Warden took a cross trail to cut us off if we continued on the circular trail back to the house. BINGO. She met us coming up from the lake. She gingerly approached the Coyote – for fear of sending him off in another direction. And like a cowboy, she lassoed him with a leash. So his short parole was over. And the Local Lost Dog Network didn’t need to be notified.

On Christmas morning, we found that Santa left gifts for us under the tree. I guess he lowered or modified his definition of naughty – because yours truly got one too! The photo you see is before the rip fest began. Within seconds I had my gift unwrapped. The Boss unwrapped half of his and then stood and barked at the Warden because it wasn’t edible. It was these super tough indestructible hard rubber chew things. The Coyote didn’t want to bother opening his. Anyway, I started chewing and chewing. The Warden watched me like a hawk. I left mine and started chewing the Boss’s because he didn’t care. Then I went back to mine. The Warden was SO impressed! They were standing up to jaws!!! She thought we could do ads for the company. She could see the money for modeling fees rolling in. Yeah – well 10 minutes later, I chewed off the first piece of rubber. All toys were collected and will probably be donated to some rescue that takes care of dogs without teeth. Good thing she also bought a bulk supply of bully sticks. THAT I can have!!

So after these “quiet” days, we’re really revving up for tomorrow. Sue and Keith arrive!! The ricochet victims return!! So the Warden gets Christmas all over again! Well – kinda for the first time, since the initial go round was pretty low key. Thank GOODNESS she had us to keep her hopping!

Time to practice my ricochet skills with the Coyote. The Boss said that’s probably why he ran away. But he’s wrong – the Coyote has always done that! Even before I came along. It’s his whole “call of the wild” routine.

I still think we should rename him. He needs a more “hippy-like” name to match his personality. Like Journey. Or Freedom. Or Nature. Or Sparrow. I found these on a Google search for hippy names. Of course I did. They also listed Arrow. I like that. I think I’ll start calling him that. Mind you, the one in this house who is sharp as an arrow is the Boss…. So I’ll keep looking…

OK. Gotta go walk my human. Have a good fighting day.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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