Not much new

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy the snowman Wormy here today on what is supposed to be a REAL winter storm day. But I’m not so sure I always believe those weather people. We’re supposed to get snow and wind, but also maybe rain. Anyway, I have my regular class booked for today- but who knows if we’ll be going, if the weather is really bad. Hey maybe we could ZOOM the teacher! On second thought, that would be pretty crazy. The other two guys would have to be sequestered, and we KNOW how much the Boss likes that. Not.

Speaking of the Boss, he and I had major brush-a-thons the past few days. While Sue and Keith were here, the Warden used harnesses when we went out on our morning pack runs. We tend to pull slightly less when wearing a harness for some reason, and she didn’t want our company being pulled down the road. BUT – there is a BIG problem with PONs and harnesses. Fuzzikies. That’s the tangly hair that forms in uncomfortable spots on your body – and they are the precursors to mats. Well. After a week of harness-wearing (just while on walks), the Boss and I were full of fuzzikies. The Coyote has this coarse kinda steel wool coat, so he doesn’t really get bad fuzzikies. Lucky him. I had to undergo 2 hours of brushing and the Boss endured 1.5 hours. It was a fuzziky frenzy. It took place over two days. The Warden couldn’t suffer through it all at once.

What else is new? Oh. Hey. I forgot this old bit of news. Seems there’s a new DOTUS. Yup- the White House has a new canine resident – a purebred German Shepherd puppy by the name of Commander. He’s pretty cute – but really, his name doesn’t follow the one or two syllable rule. Three syllables are too many. Plus if they shorten it to Come, they’ll be saying “Come Come.” Sounds redundant. And Commie isn’t likely politically correct. Anyway, he’s a cute dude.

As you may recall, two other dogs started off in the White House last year. There was Champ, who sadly went to the Rainbow Bridge because he was an old fella and his job was done. And the other guy was Major – the White House’s first rescue. He’s now living “elsewhere” after a couple of “incidents” where he “nibbled” at some White House staff. Seems he wasn’t suited to living in a big busy house with lots of people. He must have had “issues” if they couldn’t train him there. I mean ya think they would maybe have access to the best trainers out there. Anyway, he’s “happily” living elsewhere.

Well, time to get out before the snow gets too deep and I can’t walk because of the snowballs in my private areas. Ten bucks says the Boss poops 20’ from the front door. The Coyote? He’ll just stand and stare at the flakes as they’re coming down. Like he’s counting them.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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