Shock it to ya

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy here for your Sunday funnies. Did you know that today is National Static Electricity Day? Me either. Who thinks these things up?

Anyway – more on the shocking holiday in a minute.

So. On Friday we had a snow day. So no class. It started out as a rainy day and eventually turned to snow, then a bit more rain and then snow overnight. As a result of the lousy weather, the Warden did something she rarely does – she binge watched some TV show on Petflix. Wait. There were no animals in the show. Oh – the Boss said it’s Netflix. No wonder we were bored. Anyway, the show was some kind of murder mystery thing. Initially, she attempted to watch it in the rec room with all of us. Unfortunately, my continual attempts to steal pillows from the sofa, lick the Boss’s head, wrestle with the Coyote and jump on and off the sofa resulted in all of us going upstairs- and the Warden sequestered herself in the DFZ and watched the series on her iPad. We asked to go out about 138 times- just to make sure she was still alive on the sofa. After supper she proclaimed that she just had two more episodes to watch. It was getting to the good parts. You know the scene- when the main character goes down into a dark tunnel with a little flashlight and the spooky music is playing in the background. And the person watching is sitting on the edge of their seat because they know something will happen, but they don’t know when. And they’re kinda holding their breath…And it was exactly at that very point that yours truly let out one sudden big BOOF. Well. I think the Warden jumped two feet off the sofa. She just looked at me. I smiled.

So yesterday, I think in an attempt to pay me back, she tried to get a photo of yours truly with static hair – for the “holiday.” But she had no balloons. Which would have made the process so much easier. She tried freshly dried towels and a blanket – and while they offered a a few shocks, my hair didn’t really cooperate. Plus I was not a willing static experiment participant. I was rolling in the blanket. Tugging the towels. Basically discharging all the static. The photo you see is her best attempt. Not so great. Not much different from my normal bed head.

BUT – we did find a video to celebrate this auspicious occasion. It’s pretty funny.

Well it’s almost time for my morning run. I hope your day is shockingly wonderful!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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