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Yo. Blog people. Elroy here today for your reading pleasure. I’ve been pretty quiet lately, letting the mops do all this blog stuff. Personally, I’d rather stand on the deck, stare off into the woods, and boof. At the wind. At birds. And sometimes just because I can. For no particular reason.

So we had rain on Sunday which washed away most the snow. But not to worry – we had a DEEP freeze last night, so now we have ice where there were puddles. Great for sliding.

Otherwise, not much new. So I decided to check out the news of dogs around the world. I found three cool stories.

This first one is a story about a lost dog reuniting with his owner. Check out the video and just TRY not to cry:

And if ya think that story wasn’t a good enough reuniting story – check out this story about a dog who was lost for 4 months! Can you imagine what the mops would look like after 4 months in the wild? The shark can look like something that’s been clogging the hose of the vacuum after he’s been rolling around outside for 10 minutes. Imagine 4 months…

Now here’s a story about how dogs make sure the “show must go on.” Dogs at rock concerts. Who’d ever believe it! I bet I could do this. I mean my nose stays glued to ground most of the time, and I can decipher what animal has been by, and what they had for breakfast and when they had their last bath. Wonder if these dogs get to stay for the concert… I’m not sure I’m a Metallica kinda guy. More like James Taylor.

So there ya go – a couple of stories to remind you just how great we dogs are. But then you already knew that. Peace.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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