Confucius say…

Today is the birthday of Confucius – the famous politician, and philospher who lived a long time ago.  He was a smart guy who wrote a LOT and had many famous quotes. And, although I didn’t read ALL of the literature on this fact – it appears that “Confucius was one of the first people in Chinese histroy to be recorded as the owner of a pet dog”.*  Who knew?  If you want to read a detailed account about the role of canines in early Chinese history, I will attach an article at the end of my blog.  It’s heavy reading – but kind of interesting… Now keep in mind that the article talks about the practice of eating Fido – so BE PREPARED.  That’s OBVIOUSLY not a practice I support – but the article gives an idea of how the practice began. 
As I did a few years ago, I have taken a couple of his quotes and paired them with photos. Here they are:

And as I also did before, I have written my very own quotes.  Well, they are not entirely my own – and you may recognize parts of them….
  • Great minds think… about how to get into the treat jar.
  • Anything that can go wrong probably will… happen as my human is on the way out the door to work.  And we have probably caused it…
  • Hell hath no fury… like a PON when supper is late.
  • Ignorance is… not knowing how to counter surf.
  • A penny saved… buys more dog treats. 
  • I think, therefore I …end up in trouble.
  • I’ve never met a …treat I didn’t like. 


     That’s it for my philosophizing for today.  It’s hard work being a blog writer, a philosopher, 
     a guardian, and a comedian. 
     It is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!  Let the weekend begin!

     Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
     Seizure free days: 14

Here is that article… 

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