Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy no-no Wormy here. Well who knew the dogsitter would update My Enforcer about our behavior? Of course I knew she could, but I didn’t think My Enforcer would have time to check in. But it seems she has…

All is really going well – and the sitter reported that her eardrums are getting used to Frodo’s decibel levels. She also reported that I’m as “manic” as ever. Of course I am! And she said the the Coyote is really sweet. Sounding like she’s a Picard fan. Gotta start winning her over to the PON side. But really, I’ll never get the Boss to quiet down, and my ricocheting is hard to combat….

So I hear the wedding went well. Even without us. It rained in the morning but the skies cleared for the big event. Here’s a photo My Enforcer took after the ceremony. Just needs a couple of dogs. Maybe someone can photoshop us in.

Our rerun today is about Confucius. Some quotes. Some photos. Some fun.


Well, time to go and try being a good boy. Try being the operative word…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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