Lucky number!

Howdy blogaroos!!!! Squirmy here to tell you there’s no triskaidekaphobia in this house. At least not today. What’s that giant word? It’s a fear of the number 13. And WHY are we considering the number 13 LUCKY today? Because it’s the Boss’s 13th birthday!!!!! Let the party begin!

Yup – the old fella is now a baker’s dozen. And going strong!

While rain is still a bad four-letter word to him, it never prevents him from going out with the gang, because he doesn’t want to miss a thing. Like the possibility of a treat. Although he does walk like he’s in a funeral march.

He still hates grooming and moans like he is being tortured, but instantly bounces up for a treat. 150 times during an average grooming session.

His eyesight may be a bit blurry but he can still smell the neighbors’ cat at 150 yards.

His appetite is as strong as ever – and he won’t pass up anything that’s edible. Because he’s always starving. He has been his entire life.

He still hates crates and car rides, but is fine as soon as he is released from his incarceration. He does NOT like to feel “restricted” and that’s probably why he moans and groans during car rides. He would rather be driving himself.

He still loves to fetch but has a tolerance of about 15 retrieves after which he takes his fetch toy and heads for the door to go in.

He ALWAYS assumes coat pockets contain treats and will spontaneously heel in place without being asked to do so. Even when the Warden literally pulls her pockets inside out, to show him she has nothing, he doesn’t believe her. He figures her coat pockets might be empty – but what about her pants pockets.

He barks. Because he can. Whenever he wants. For no reason at all. He barks like no one is listening. But we are.

He tolerates my incessant licking of his ears, face, and assorted other anatomical structures. He growls – and I do back off because he IS the Boss – but he’s more tolerant than I would be!

He still LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to have his photos taken because he associates photos with treats. Or he’s just a ham. Yesterday, the Warden brushed him and took him outside for his birthday photos. (While I barked incessantly inside the house). Here are a few Frodo-genic shots:

He still loves to work and train and he had an awesome 2022 – still strutting his stuff in Rally:

He completed his Rally Master title in 2022 and he even got a trick dog title – and a Versatility Title!

He also competed in Team with me and our Shaggy teammates and he added a win in Team to his resume.

He’s got some lumps and bumps, and he takes his cardiac medication every day – but he really hasn’t slowed down much at all. When he saw the cardiologist a few years ago, the doctor thought he might live to 12 with his heart issues. Who knew his 12th year could be so good – and that he would be doing so well on his 13th birthday?! We realize he has beat the odds – and every single day is a blessing and a bonus. I guess the moral of the story – listen to a prognosis- but continue to live. Large. And bark. Because you can.

Happy birthday Boss!!! The Coyote and I and the Warden love ya lots! And lots. We’re also thrilled to wish one of his womb mates – Murray in Ontario, a Happy 13 as well! Keep on ticking boys. Just don’t forget to share your birthday treats.

Enjoy some highlights from the past year:

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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