Hey Buddy

Howdy blogaroos. Scuba Squirmy here. Yup – another forecast of torrential rain. Yee haw. I’m thinking the Warden is going to break out the rain gear for us today. Oh joy oh happiness. Mind you, the Boss will probably be happy. He’s really not happy being soggy.

I’m going training this morning with my Shaggy peeps – it’s our Thursday thing. It’s a chance to train away from home – the Warden says I need lots of training elsewhere. I’m a superstar at home. But leave these hallowed halls, and it’s anybody’s guess how I’ll behave. I AM getting better – but I’m not breaking any training speed records. What can I say? I’m methodical. Better than diabolical.

And speaking of which, did ya hear the story of Ralphie?


It looks like I’ve met my match. It sounds like Ralphie is a real handful. It’s funny – and not funny, really. I mean who wants to live with a total demon dog? Hopefully he finds someone who will provide him with love AND boundaries.

What else is new? Oh yeah – the top dog names for 2022 in the AKC were named. Personally, I think humans need to be a BIT more creative. I mean some of these names have been in the Top 10 for YEARS.


Here’s the thing- dogs RARELY ever go by one name. It gets shortened, like Fro or Doe for Frodo, or lengthened like Elly Belly for Elroy. And then it can be something that’s not even close – like Squirmy for Wojtek. And yes, I do answer to Squirm.

And we ALL answer to one of the names in the Top 10 – Buddy. That’s a Nova Scotian thing. Everybody is Buddy. “Buddy delivered the parcel to the side door.” “Buddy took my parking spot.” “Buddy needs to keep his dog on a leash.” Everybody is a Buddy – and so are we. We hear “Buddy don’t pull.” “Buddy come on.” “Buddy, I’m out of treats.” With us dogs, Buddy seems to be used in a pleading, or explanatory way. When we’re it real trouble- it’s always our REAL names. “Wojtek stop licking Frodo’s ears.” “Frodo stop barking right this instant or I’ll get the gun!” Which is a squirt gun should you be worried – and just the sight of it is enough to end an incessant barking episode. “Elroy get in here – it’s time for bed!” Yup. Names are pretty interesting. And when you hear your name, you had better pay attention. In theory.

Well almost time to get out the rain gear. I hope wherever you are, you stay dry!

Have a good one Buddy. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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