Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here after our I’m snow-filled weekend. Which is supposed to be replaced by a rain-filled day today. Ooooooeeeee the Boss will be cranky. I’m staying out of his way.

Now snow is supposed to be fun. There are all these false advertising photos and videos of dogs romping in the snow – looking joyful and happy. Not so much in our happy abode…at least not yesterday…

The day after the storm, we did our walks on the plowed and shoveled driveway and road. Note I said shoveled. Our plow guy came Friday – but BEFORE it stopped snowing. So overnight we got another 3-4 inches of snow. Meaning the Warden had to shovel lots of our driveway. At least the luge run part. She had visions of the rain turning the thing into a nice thick coating of ice. While she was out there, moaning and groaning, the Boss was inside shouting out directions and also yelling that he wanted breakfast. So what did she do? She opened the door and let him out with her while she worked. Note she didn’t let me or the Coyote out because she was working in the unfenced front yard. And let’s face it, the Coyote would take off and yours truly would also likely get bored and start bunny hunting. She also didn’t leave us out in the backyard because she KNOWS me too well – and she was afraid that although I don’t TRY to escape the fenced yard- IF I thought the Boss was out front having a good time, well – who knows WHAT kind of escape I might try. So the Coyote and I stayed inside.

Meanwhile, the Boss watched her work for about 45 minutes and then started to get bored. He kept getting in front of the shovel. When that didn’t stop the proceedings, he then stood at the front door and shouted that he wanted to go back in the house. The Warden kept saying “10 more minutes.” He was NOT impressed.

Yesterday morning, the Warden decided we would all take a walk to the lake. Now here comes the non-joyful aspect of snow-ventures. The Boss wasn’t keen on the whole idea – although he started off rather happily. I was racing through the woods and the Coyote seemed invigorated by the cold crisp air. The tree branches were low – laden with loads of white stuff- so every time you hit one, you found yourself in a mini snow storm. It was kinda pretty. We were about 1/4 of the way on our circular trail to the lake, when the joyful snow venture started to go badly. We two PONs were down. We didn’t like the snowballs between our pads- so we laid down to chew our feet. Now admittedly, the snowballs were NOT that bad – we’ve been out where our legs were so heavy we couldn’t move. But this WAS our first real snow of the winter and the Warden had to coax us along. Initially the Coyote seemed fine, but by the time he got to the lake he was walking alternately on three different legs. His feet were cold. He looked like he was walking on hot coals.

Of course, the Warden HAD to take some photos of us in our winter “wonderland.” She made an already agonizing walk that much worse. We begrudgingly stayed in place just to get the whole paparazzi thing over. And to get the treats, Then we continued our way back to the house – with a hobbling Picard and two PONs who kept hitting the ground to do snowball removal surgery. We were a motley crew. And the short walk took twice the normal time. It was not fun.

When we got in the house, the Warden quickly wiped us down with towels. We didn’t need the warm water snowball tub removal because, as I mentioned, we were not covered in balls. We have been much, much worse. And it was time for breakfast. During our morning ritual, we PONs must sit and wait for breakfast to be served. Meanwhile, the Coyote is sequestered in the front hall with his bowl. Well. The Boss refused to sit. The Warden then asked him to lie down. He refused. All the while I’m sitting patiently in place, drooling. Finally, I was released to eat, and the Warden tried to figure out what was wrong with the Boss. He couldn’t sit or lie down. The Warden didn’t realize he still had a few snowballs (tiny ones the size of peas) on his belly and butt. As a result, he was paralyzed. She released the starving snowball guy to eat his breakfast. He said he’s not going out until Spring. Our winter has been so mild, we haven’t yet been conditioned to the snow. Go figure.

After our fun in the snow, the Warden started scrolling through Wastebook and she saw this “free app” that everyone seemed to be using – to make their dogs into cartoons. She saw plenty of adorable cartoon pups – and decided to try it too. For some reason, our results weren’t nearly as cute as everybody else’s. For example – in this version, the Coyote looks like a llama, the Boss looks like a sloth, and yours truly looks like I’m wearing a toupee:

In this version, we all look possessed:

Here’s an even better llama version:

In this one, the Boss looks like a Beatle. Or Hitler. And who is that strange creature behind us?

In this one, the Coyote is looking better – but the Boss looks kinda like a sheep. A weird sheep…

You can download the app for free. Free meaning you don’t mind wasting time watching commercials for other apps. You COULD pay for the app- which eliminates the commercials and provides even MORE cartoon options. I’d rather buy a bag of biscuits.

Well, time to go out in the rain. More joyful weather. The hourly forecast says it won’t stop until early evening. The Boss says he can “hold it” until then. This could be a long day…

Oh and did you know there are 56 days until Spring! But who’s counting?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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